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Sunday, June 03, 2007

time marches on

Toad Angel - Dead as a Door Nail
This is my March Journal Quilt. Nevermind it is now June. I began it March. The subject is an event in March. Therefore, it's my March Journal Quilt.

The subject is the toad I accidently dispatched with my pitchfork in March when I was turning over the dirt in a flower bed. It upset me terribly and it put a real bad spin on my gardening this spring. The following day, we took the grandkids to see the Frogs exhibit at the Natural Science Museum - something that had been planned for months - and I wore black in observance of a death of my little bug eating friend. I think I have finally exorcised my sorrow and my guilt and moved into acceptance.

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Ode to Mr Toad

Toad was quietly sleeping
Dreaming of summer and lust

In his bed of roots and dried old leaves
He mistakenly put his trust

Weeds grew all over our princes' place
And spring cleaning became a real must

Along came Diane with her three pronged fork
And impaled him with one thrust

And now old toad he is no more
Ashes to ashes and dust

The murder weapon lies there on the floor
And is slowly turning to rust

Our killers' dismay was known far and wide
She cried, oh she fussed fit to bust

All toads, do you hear, let this be very clear
To blame poor Diane would be very unjust.

Posted by: Wendy | Monday, June 04, 2007

Wendy's poem is wonderful! Well, maybe not to the toad.

Posted by: Susan Cleveland | Monday, June 04, 2007

It is a wonderful quilt, obviously a labour of love. Maybe you need to go on killing sprees more often to give your muse a punch.

soryy, sorry, not funny......W

Posted by: annonymouse | Monday, June 04, 2007