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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

a brand new bag

The wire warp is finished. Put away all the gold beads and the empty sack from the coins. The third purse will fly first class overnight. I can't believe I'm going to pay that much for a magazine submission ... but when you offer to "make one more variation..." you gotta come through if they call your bluff. Put your money where your mouth is, step up to the plate and all those other cliches. I like the other one I sent better in some ways, some ways this smaller gold one is better. In about three months, you can decide which you like, I'll post photos after I hear if it's going to appear in print.

At least I can move on and put the red warp on the loom now. It's been waiting in the wings on the warping board for more than a month. This will be the swatch swap sample and is due sometime in August. In between there will be the annual visit from my mom and my sister so this will probably be another deadline disaster.

And what the heck was I thinking for the structure? Something besides plain weave, I hope? Maybe satin stripes! That's it, I'm sure I was gonna do satin stripes with tabby in between.

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