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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

still at it

I'm still cleaning and organizing. Every night some progress.
Also finished up little things I find as I uncover the forgotten treasures of my youth and recent past.
I put a pin on the back of a lovely little green guy from England so I could wear him to work and got lots of compliments.
Hemmed the last of the woven baby blankets and am getting ready to toss it into a dye bath since I hate it so much. I ran out of the blue that is in warp and in what used to be the dark cave of my yarn stash storage, I picked a nasty blue to use for finishing up the last blanket. I put a new bulb in that walk-in closet - a full spectrum flourescent that is supposed to last nine years. Everything looks different. I could close the door and live in there now.
Then I just got this dynamite idea for displaying the "inchies" I got in a swap last month!!! I am dying here at work cause I'd really rather be home painting and gluing and stitching. Darnnit. At least I sketched it in my journal so I won't forget it on the way home tonight. My head is so full of things I need to be doing, the stuff I want to be doing is squeezing out my ears.