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Saturday, July 21, 2007

baskets today

My daughter and I took the day off together. Lunch out - just the two of us, then off to the crafts museum to see the basket exhibit at the Houston Center for Contemporary Crafts.

There was quite a crowd of folks there to hear a talk by the gentleman who made the custom pool cues. But the big draw for us was a showing of a private collection of contemporary baskets including some names of people I have admired for years. How wonderful to have been able to collect these over the years and enjoy them and then to show them. A couple of the baskets could have used a bit of housekeeping, a bit of dust here, a few strings untied there which were not meant to be untied. And for this show, there was a lot of variety in shape, materials, theme, style, and techniqes.

We bought the complete catalog and the photos are wonderful - much better than we would have been able to take given the gallery lighting IF we had even been allowed to take photos. So many techniques I'd like to try, so many bits of inspiration, such a variety of media, shapes, sizes, colors.

Brilliant way to spend the afternoon. I'd like to do something creative right now, but I must clear away the dust from my own art collection (the TV, the kitchen counter, etc.) as we are having company tomorrow for dinner and the tiny tank is staying for a few hours with grandpa and grandma while mom and dad and M go to see the latest Harry Potter movie. We saw it last night, so we graciously offered to baby sit. Those points are really adding up.

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