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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

feel disconnected

It's hot. It's July. The a/c is not working in my office at work. Everyone else is freezing; I have two fans pulling cool air to my end of the hall. And yes, I did have some cheese with that whine. And crackers.

I think my brain is suffering from the heat. I can't get into a rhythm on this blogging thing lately. I mean do you really want to hear what I had for lunch? Don't answer that.

The best thing I did lately was a dress for a paper doll as the sign in for a round robin on Girly Girls.

Then this is for an altered canvas round robin that is just beginning in a couple of weeks. I have had to hide it from myself until the mail date because I would really like to just glue things on it myself. I really need to do more collage. Either that or mosaics. Or maybe paper mosaic collages.

Or maybe go weave on the samples that are due in a month.