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Saturday, August 11, 2007


Coming home from dinner with the kids, we passed a turtle on the road. All appendages pulled inside, apparently no injuries to be seen.

I looked for a place to make a U-turn. The SUV in front of us slowed and pulled off the road at a restaurant blocking that opportunity so I took the next median opening to make my U-turn. Just as we were making the second U-turn, a woman jumps out of the SUV (which had sped to the scene of the impending accident rather than park at the restaurant as I had thought) and picked up the turtle. Holding him gingerly in front of her, she ran toward the nearest ditch which was quite a ways off in the field. Her partner in the good deed made another circuit of the medians as there was no place to park to wait for her return. We gave him four thumbs up as we passed and headed for home.

We're not the only crazies out there. Thank goodness.