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Thursday, August 16, 2007

party is definitely over now

It was sunny outside my window at work most of the afternoon but we had a hideous morning. Pouring down rain and thunder and lightning on the way to work. Then about an hour later, the lightning strikes the transformer in the alley behind us and we all jump about ten feet in the air. It's the same transformer than has been fried before. Luckily we have a medical facility in the building, so we can get bumped up higher on the repair schedule at the power company. Back up in less than an hour.

We're working along fine for another hour then, BOOM, it gets hit again and we are out worse than before - more circuits are off and power backups are buzzing from every office. Our elevator may be fried this time and the power company takes more than an hour to get here and another hour to get it taken care of the second time. We had kind of a happy hour in our kitchen with the building managment and some other tenants stopping by for crackers and dip. We had enough flash lights to loan out to people going to the rest rooms and we even had to loan our UPS scale to the clinic cause they weigh patients before and after dialysis. The bottled water delivery guy said he'd try and come back Friday after the elevator gets fixed. It may be a while before we have bottled water again....

My boss was out on a site visit and I thought I would get caught up finally.... no such luck. Well, tomorrow is another day, Scarlet. Her daughter is on her way to Puerto Rico for a friend's wedding and she's in a panic because there's another storm heading for the islands. The daughter calls me from the airport and doesn't even know what airline she's on - evidently can't find her paperwork, and I have to look on her email, fortunately she calls between blackouts or the girl would have missed her flight.

I started watering the lawn yesterday after work 'cause we've had three really hot dry days (up to now!) and the grass and plants looked like they would be dying in about two minutes. I forgot about the water running while I was upstairs on the computer. About 10 pm, it's pouring down rain and my husband volunteers to go out and shut off the water for me. So the grass is really watered now, you could say....

Cheez, what a day. It's supposed to rain more - bands of storms still in the gulf. Fortunately I didn't have to drive home through the worst of it.

I think I need to go buy some hurricane supplies, we've been clearing out the pantry lately and it's looking bare.