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Friday, September 21, 2007

the light of my life

This frog was a gift from a co-worker of the grill king. Obviously he is loose-lipped about my frog collection so even though he complains of the scourge of toads in the upstairs bath, he is doing his part to add to the overflow.

When you flip the switch on the back, he croaks a couple of times while the lights in his buggy little eyes blink on and off. Quite annoying, this one. Couldn't get a good photo of the lit up eyes. If you feed him butane you could also light a cigarette with the flame that shoots out of the top of his head at the same time he croaks and blinks. Certainly not a lighter to use if you're sneaking a smoke when you're supposed to be quitting. We won't be filling him up with butane unless there's a power outtage and we're in need of candle lighting, croaking and blinking.

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