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Sunday, September 30, 2007

book of quotes

One of the projects I didn't have time to finish at Art Camp. I am slowly working my way through putting things where they were before Art Camp (notice I am not saying "putting away"). Since I enjoy making books, I really wanted to finish this. Of course, I trimmed all the pages to exactly the same size and punched them individually. Time, time, time. All the quotes were selected and printed by the campers. Various papers, various styles of decoration. The original idea was that we would further decorate them before assembling, but I like each page the way it was presented. Some are bare bones, some pretty fussed up. The quotes make a very unusual collection. I'm not sure who brought which ones, but I love reading them.

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Saturday, September 29, 2007

and another one

Just couldn't go to sleep with this one sitting on my worktable. I finally found the perfect additions after auditioning everything or almost everything in the house. I'm happy to let this move on now. I added the negative strip and shrink plastic portrait, the magazine skyline and words below it. Also rubbed a bit of copper on the scrim.

Huge rain storm today. After I spent the morning moving the hose around the house watering. I swear it was a perfectly clear morning and no rain in sight. We spent the afternoon taking down the weaver's show. I didn't sell much of my stuff. I guess an etsy shop is the next project. But overall, the show was successful - very close to the best dollar volume to date and the venue was much better than the last few years.

time passing

This collage is now going to the next member of the group - Time passing...

I added the mica chip over the clockface, the hourglass on the clockface, the green circle "behind" the clockface and the inchie face over on the right. I'm really enjoying the collage round robin. I can't get to sleep until I've done the one that arrives that day. My mind goes immediately into overdrive.

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Friday, September 28, 2007

hill country frog

A pewter tree ornament cast by Jeremy Jocks and purchased from a gallery in Roundtop, Texas. Lovely frog, lovely shop.

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Thursday, September 27, 2007


These are surprise lilies. The leaves are thin and strappy and come up in the fall and die back after the hot weather arrives. Then from apparently bare dirt, the lovely delicate flowers on tall thin stalks surprise me every year. They used to bloom in August, every year it gets later. They were a gift from a friend when she heard we had bought our first house in Houston. When we moved, I moved the bulbs to the next house. This group is the faithful gang in the front struggling against the ferns. The stems have to grow up through 30 inches of overgrown fronds to find the sunshine. I have a bunch of these bulbs in a pot where I thought I was saving them when we raised the garden beds out back. So far no blooms in the pots. When it cools a bit I will have to move any that grow leaves.

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