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Thursday, November 01, 2007

better than chocolate

Well, or maybe I should say, better with chocolate! Here are the little trick-or-treaters. Hello Kitty ran back from the house, exclaiming, "She has blue hair!" It's more fun when everyone joins in. The Dragon got right into it, knocking on doors and inviting himself in when the door opened. After candy was dropped into his pumpkin, he would reach in to retrieve it and offer back to them. Hello Kitty surprised us all by accepting a hot dog at a house where they cooked up 200 hot dogs and offered either candy or dogs to the kids. They had run out of candy by the time we arrived but still had plenty of dogs. Even after a big dinner, she munched down the hot dog in plenty of time to have a free hand to get a bag of popcorn from the house with an old-timey looking popcorn popper out on their driveway - handing out bags right and left.

My daughter's neighborhood really has the Halloween spirit. We hear there's a haunted garage a few blocks away that we'll hit next year when the kids are older and able to walk further. Of course, walking isn't an option for all of these kids, the streets were lined with slow moving SUV's picking up and dropping off kids at each corner. There were plenty of parents walking around with the little ones. Necessary exercise considering all the candy we ate.

Next year, I'm going in costume so I can get my own hot dog!

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I dressed up as a witch one year and made several of the little trick-or-treaters cry and run away, so I don't do that anymore. I just wore a nice halloweenie shirt.

Posted by: Susan Ramey Cleveland | Friday, November 02, 2007