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Sunday, October 15, 2006

complete confusion

Home page seems to have a life of its own. When I click on that, I get a black background page complete hiding all my content. Wierd. But I continue on.
Magical Answer: Everything is fine when I use Internet Explorer and not when I use Mozilla Firefox. Hmmmm.
And later: Bigger mystery.... someone came in and looked at every single page here and now the home page is fixed and fine. Are there really blogspirits?

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Friday, October 06, 2006

going away

I'm running away for the weekend. Well, some of it anyway. Staying at a friend's house on the other side of the big city so I don't have to drive home after a long, hard day of crafting. We'll be felting and sewing. I may take along some other projects, too. A little glue, scissors, an old magazine....
I need a good weekend. Have had a lousy day. Too much. Short staffed, work overload, demanding clients. indecisive people, last minute-itis! I think I'm packing the car now so I can leave before sunup.

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Sunday, October 01, 2006

art and chaos

Desparate young mother calls for help. Screaming baby in the background. When are you coming over? So I go. Take a bag of small projects that need finishing. I know what it's like to have a husband go out of town when you have a cranky baby who never gives you any peace. We were living out of the country when my daughter was this age and there was no one to come to my rescue. So I get there and the house is quiet. Naturally because grandma has arrived, he is smiling and cooing. My daughter gets to work on her laundry and I coo back to him and talk with the big sister. She's pretty desparate for interaction, too.
The afternoon rolls by nicely. medium_2006-09-30_001.jpgWe do laundry, M sews buttons on felt (with lots of help) for a button collection book, J makes a tiny beaded teapot, I sew some signatures into tiny books that I have previously ripped the plastic guts out of and decorated the covers. I also try to make another book out of handwoven that is less successful.
Finally Grandpa arrives and we go to dinner. More screaming baby in the echo chamber that is my minivan and a few miles later we are at a Mexican restaurant where the food is lousy but they have free ice cream cones. I should have ordered the mac-n-cheese like my granddaughter did. She eats the tortillas off my enchiladas after I scrape off the green stuff. Yuk. Baby and I wait outside where he is willing to let me sit down for awhile until everyone else finishes eating. I don't want to get back into the echo chamber but we have to get home. Quickly so he can eat again. M is spending the night with us and by the time we get there, she is sound asleep in her carseat. We all make an early night of it. Screaming baby has worn us all out.

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Friday, September 29, 2006

more projects

medium_2006-09-29_rodeo_challenge_001.2.jpgSo I picked up some of the handwovens from the free table last week and have to make something with it for the sale in November. Covers for books. Easy, stab bindings. Just have to hemstitch the edges. A one-movie project.

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Thursday, September 28, 2006

civic responsibilities

Yesterday, I sat on a jury for a traffic citation. Took my embroidery sample along. Court clerk chewed gum the entire morning and read a book while waiting for us to knock on the door. No witnesses to the contrary, we went with a small fine. The business office was festooned with handpainted wooden bunnies. The judge went to a funeral in between cases and we waited again while a replacement for the prosecutor was brought in. A surreal experience.
They had on display in the city hall lobby the architectural drawings of the new medical complex going up nearby. Quite a huge undertaking. The traffic is going to be horrendous once it is completed. I expect traffic lights will replace some of our stop signs. Less city income from traffic violations, more from taxes on the commercial property.

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