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Thursday, March 22, 2007

one quarter gone

The year is one quarter gone almost and I'm just now getting my calendar prettied up and ready to use.

I used a piece of fabric that was stamped and painted years ago in a workshop/retreat in the hill country. Too small to make anything monumental. Too wonderful to throw away. Just the right size to cover the calendar. It's a calendar printout that I took to the office store to have spiral bound. I have blank pages between each of the months so I can make notes, glue in stuff or draw what ever I like. I hate lined paper. Too much like homework.

Vacancy: Toad Abode
Previous tenant met with a bad end. Estate sale this weekend. Cash only. As soon as renovations are complete, applications for new tenants will be accepted.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I'm no good at keeping things secret. This is a tiny corner of what I'm working on for the show next month. That's it. That's all I giving away for now. Who know who reads this?

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

a stand up act

This is an accordion book made with 4x4's from a 1-2-3 swap on my favorite yahoo group. We also swapped out A-B-C's but I'm not up to sewing 28 cards together right now....

I started by making a template for marking the four holes on each side of each card.The purple square outlines where you put the 4x4 square and there is a sheet protector taped in place. The square goes under the clear sheet protector and I used a push pin to go through the prepunched holes in the sheet protector and into the 4x4 card. It was a quick way to get all the holes in the right places.

Below is a mock-up of the stitch I did. I played around with a number of different ways of putting them together. This one is almost perfect.... It allows the cards to close easily in either direction and the stitching cord doesn't strain or gap. I tried to sew the two different steps in different color thread but I don't think it shows well. It's sort of like threading your shoe laces but not exactly. You start on the upper left. Each time you stitch from the back side and then push the needle between the cards to get to the next hole. If you want me to write more, I will. But you gotta meet me halfway and let me know you want me to spend more time on it.

The one thing I don't particularly like about this (aside from it being a bit awkward to stitch back up to the beginning) is that it kind of skews the cards so the corners don't really match up exactly. Moving on now.

I have ordered the gold wire and will be winding the silver colored wire this weekend. Ah the anticipation. I have such high hopes.

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Sunday, September 03, 2006

one more done

The last in a series of birthday books for the weaver's group. This one is primary colors with minimalist collage. I liked the construction of it. medium_2006-09-02_JoNell_002.jpgThe yellow pages are folded at the edge and that gives them strengh when it stands up. The blue is the accordian fold spine and end papers. The red is the cover. Most of the visible edges are torn. This one has lots of possibilities. I'll probably make another one. Once I finish up some other projects. I promise I worked on the 5essential art RR and it's drying.

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Friday, August 18, 2006

left early

Weaver's meeting last night. I was tired and left after my show and tell. Made a great deal with Kaye. She offered to sell me an extra baby car seat she didn't need any more. In perfect condition, barely used. Now we are ready to roll with both of them when H gets a little older and doesn't need to face backward any more.
More stuff arrived yesterday. Chocolate frogs and singing frogs. Ridiculously silly!
Thank goodness it is Friday.medium_2006-08-16_water-inkjet_transfer.jpg
I've been working on water transfers using inkjet photo images and it is quite interesting. A little haphazard but still working surprisingly well. The image on the right in the scan is the one which wasn't as good that I cut apart to see how much would be lost in a really rough wash with soap and water and vigorous scrubbing with a fingernail brush.
Saturday, we may take an excursion to see the Gee's Bend Quilt Show at the museum. It all depends on coordination of baby, doctor visits, air conditioning in available cars, scheduling, phases of the moon, and how much sleep I get tonight.