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Thursday, November 30, 2006

too late

The file cabinet is almost empty. Four drawer ugly metal thing that sat in my front room where I weave. Very useful in its day. Two of the four drawers full of magazines on hanging folders to keep them neat and tidy and easy to find. These are really important weaving magazines.... Trouble is, I never open the drawers to pull out an old issue of any magazine. I just keep getting new ones that tantalize me. And now there are too many lined up to even think about culling them for really good ideas and toss out the rest. And the minute I decide that something is a "a really good idea," my interests change and something I tossed out is what I really want to do. On top of that, most magazines are reissuing really good ideas as "the best of..." and I buy those as books without ads so they take up less space.
What I'm coming down to is that I should really get rid of these magazines. Even the ones with autographs from people I know who have written the articles or had their work featured in an issue.

One drawer was full of files of past projects, journals, letters, cards, ephemera. Trying to sort that out gives me great anxiety. I am a saver. Can't help it. I just want to be more organized in how I save things. Keep trying. But still, it's disorganized, discontinuous, disjointed, disappointing. How will I ever write my memoirs if everything is so jumbled?
Some of my letters amaze me.... I vaguely remember the times, the events, but I hardly recognize myself as I read the saved copies. Some so businesslike, some so sentimental, some so full of interesting things only half remembered.
Those I am saving. But the ugly file cabinet is definitely history.

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

expanding universe

Our furniture must be made of foam instead of wood. We moved it out of the front room and I am having trouble getting it all back in. The shelves are still empty and last night B comments he thinks it looks good. I told him it wouldn't take much for me to clear his corner of the cave - Tuesday is trash day in our little town. He admitted (after ducking quickly) that he's as much to blame as me. We collect stuff. But he also pointed out that one day we'll retire and we won't have paychecks and we won't be able to afford cable then and we'll have time enough to read all the Mother Earth News that we have squirreled away upstairs. Not the newer ones when they converted to slick color pages, but the really old ones on yellowing recycled paper that will crumble as we turn each page. One last read before we all turn to dust in the wind.

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Sunday, November 19, 2006

micro weaving

If there was a quicker way to finish weaving this blanket, it would be while multi-tasking in the kitchen.

Please pass the shuttle after you close the frig door. The front room (aka my weaving studio) is still in the throws of a renovation. Now the cracks get filled. Oh, but time out while B & B go to Harbor Freight. It's worse than a crack house for those addicted ... to tools.

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Saturday, November 18, 2006

cleared the room

The carpet is flat again. There is a narrow path through the rest of the house since all the furniture and books had to go somewere. I could now weave in the kitchen while preparing dinner. Trouble is I don't feel like doing either one. Hub is off to pick up a quart of paint and some caulk. We're going to touch up the cracks yet again. Finally do the baseboards nicely and hang a new light fixture over the loom.
Then we'll move back the furniture and slowly replace all the books. The Christmas decorations will go up instead of the usual decorator touches. Which means I will have a major redo again in January. Doncha just love parties?
Actually I do enjoy them once the door bell rings the first time. I just hate all the prep and worry I go through beforehand and afterward.

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Sunday, November 12, 2006

empty shelves

I have too many books. Too many empty blank books. Too many photo albums. Too many cookbooks. Too many everythings. Trashing stuff right and left. Found a book I've had for years, never used and just bought another copy of last month. I had to buy more plastic tubs to pack stuff up but now the shelves are finally empty and moved. The yuk behind them vacuumed up. Hub wants to fill cracks and repaint... as long as the room is clear.... Never mind that I have to put the room back in order in three weeks for a study group holiday party. Complete with tree and festive decorations. Not feeling very festive right now. When/if we ever get the room back together, the tubs will be recycled to finish sorting out the junk in the garage and salvaging some of that stuff. It's just never ending.
Going to eat a little cheese now that I've had some whine.

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