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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Ernie's gone

Last week when we cleaned out the garage, we found and washed a 27 year old Ernie but couldn't salvage Bert. My granddaughter came over last Sunday and saw him drying in the sun and played with him. We told her he had been her mom's favorite friend and that she should take special care of him. When it was time for her to go home, we said, as usual, pick up the toys and put them away. She refused to put Ernie away. Wrapped him in her wubbie like he was wearing a shawl and held him tight to her chest. She used her deepest, most adult voice and said, "No, he's a part of our family and we're taking him home, right, Mom?"
We all bit our lips and held our breath trying not to burst into tears or start laughing. It had been a rule that M only gets new toys at holidays and birthdays or they have to stay at our house (they're running out of space). So trying to sound casual, my daughter said, "Okay, Ernie can come home with us." I reminded M that Ernie was pretty special and to take extra care of him and not lose him under the bed or in the back of the toy box.
The really wierd thing is that M has always played with a pretend friend named Ernie. So now, she has the real thing to play with. I miss him. I miss Jim Henson and all the muppets.

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full schedule

Shopping for folding lawn chairs in the fall is like looking for a Santa in July. The summer leftovers are piled out back by the wading pools full of mosquito larvae. But it's soccer season and the ones I have are too heavy to carry and their pointy feet sink deep into the mud. We're taking a picnic so it will probably rain again.
Bought three big pumpkins and a bag of small ones for photo props. Some storage tubs for more garage cleanining.
I bought new curtains and a cheap quilt for the upstairs. I am going to paint the wall to match the curtains - green, of course. The window is high and to one side on the wall and looks strange when draped with fabric that contrasts with the wall. I'm all about symmetry when it comes to one big window in a room. But I'm sure this one was placed so that the elevation view from the backyard (?) would be wonderful in the architectural drawings.
We're going ahead with some superficial house renovations. I had a meltdown the other night over the things that are wrong with this house. Naturally this is the wrong time of year to begin tearing the house apart. Replacing a door in the rainy season will require scheduling and rescheduling, I'm afraid. And anything new makes the old surroundings look even sadder.
Anyway, soccer game today, sleepover tonight, pumpkin photos tomorrow. Maybe a trip to get the paint and look at doors will be wedged in there somehow.
I'm waiting for the glue to dry on some fabric so I can apply the next color. Experimenting with glue batik.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Turner sunset

I can't seem to do anything right lately more than once. Hours later: Well, finally, this came up right. I was beginning to feel like a complete loser. Actually still do. But now I'm a loser with one more blog entry.

From Arty Photos

I have photos in a zine now. May submit some for another issue. Started carrying my camera around with me more often. Risky. It's big and bulky and I drive a van. Easy to see what's inside. Sunsets lately have been dazzling. Lots of thundercloud storms all day and most of tonight. We lost power at work again. Another transformer blew and the rain poured in a window whose caulk had shrunk as thin as my patience for housework.

Why is doing what you really want to do so very difficult? Never mind. That's a rhetorical question, of course.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

blog's out the bag

So now my husband knows I have a blog. He read the blurb about me in Bad Influence. I can understand how Dub loses it over leakage from the cabinet. Just a little bragging here. The odd comment there. Pretty soon everybody knows all your little secrets. And then you have to be careful what you type. It's a good thing my mom doesn't have a computer.
I wove some of the towel fabric from the On The Road Again warp. It's getting down to the end. I could probably polish it off tonight if I quit typing now. Or I could finish the O's. Or pay bills. Or sort out one pile of stuff. Or iron some more of the embroidered doilies I rescued this weekend.
Things are getting done on a number of fronts. Someone pointed out that the floor of my office is visible again and the desktop is almost clear. Must be time to work on one of my backburner projects, like unending filing, or data entry.
There was a gully washer at the office this afternoon. Lasted about an hour. When I got home, we'd had some rain here, too. That isn't always true when you live this far from work. Looks like another two weeks of wet weather coming but at least the temperature will be dropping some too.
Hmm, if I'm giving the weather report here, I must be trying to avoid doing some projects. Time to weave.

Monday, October 09, 2006

baby sitting

J needed a sitter. She had a coupon to spend at Michael's and needed concentrated effort to find something worthy of the savings. She has become a coupon clipper. Very proud of her relationship with the CVS and their bucks back program. Whatever it takes.
So we had M and H over for an hour or so. He was good as gold for half the time and frantic for the rest. When he's hungry, he's cranky. As a worried grandma, I also think he may have some tiny problem that gives him pain when he's in the wrong position. But his mom is going to bring it up at his next checkup.
B went to pick up dinner for us so we wouldn't have to endure his crying in the restaurant. Of course, he ate just before we did and that made it a little easier. He sure eats often.
Through all this, M is happily amusing herself with a first grade level workbook and reading the instructions to herself and doing page after page. [edited: It's not really first grade now that I look at it. But still she's reading it by herself.] She played in her first soccer game yesterday and that was the big news. I didn't get to go so J described it all to me with hand motions and excited facial expressions which sent H into great cooing fits. He just loves his mommy.
M evidently enjoyed the runing back and forth and actually blocked a goal by the other team. But she really wanted to be a Pirate cause they wear red shirts and do-rags on their heads. Aaarggh. Her team is the Crickets and they wear green.
J brought over the little pincushions she is making from my handwoven and they are really very cute. I shoulda took a picture.

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