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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

late night visit

Little guy came over tonight with his mom. J's working on little pin cushions for the show and sale. She was going to weave some bands by needleweaving and it was taking forever. I knew it would - that's why I have two 8 shaft floor looms. Speed. But she had been emailing me for ideas and we were going back and forth. I told her to come over and raid my handwoven stash. Checked with the guild gurus and they approve her using *my* handwoven to make pincushions. We're both members, so it becomes a collaborative effort not a commercial one. Anyway, she's asking how we are going to split the profit. She's not charging a heck of a lot for bottle-top pincushions so to split it would be silly. Besides, it's not like I'm using this stuff. She took only a smidgen of what I have, granted, a couple are really good scraps - but I wouldn't want her using the ugly stuff anyway. She had thought of using my scraps but didn't want to ask, was pleased when I told her to take all she wanted. I'm into sharing these days. She's also making some for holiday gifts for relatives and study group exchanges. She gets very ambitious.
Gee, I wonder where she gets that tendency?
So as I was saying, little guy came over and he played with Grandpa for a half hour while we dug in the fabric boxes and then cooed a bit for me and then because his mom was sitting nearby, he remembered that maybe a little late night snack was in order. Pitched a fit. Then more burping and diaper changing and we're back to smiles and giggles. We watched Project Runway and then they headed home. His daddy is still out of town. M stayed home with the roommate because she would want to spend the night like it was a weekend. Next Saturday is her first soccer game and I will be missing it while I'm out on a weekend work party. We making secret stuff for the big weaving conference next spring.
Today was a good mail day. I got a decorated note from a silly friend and the first delivery of the fabric book round robin. A blue book with sort of a tea for two theme. As J and I were pulling out stuff for the pincushions, I was also creating a pile of blue stuff to use and I'm pretty happy with what I've pulled together. It will be fun to do these - I have so much to chose from here in my closets! J is going to make a tiny blue beaded tea pot for me to put on the page!
I also got a long email from a friend in South America. Not as full of good news as usual, but life isn't only good news. Sometimes it's just life. She talked about an armed robbery of the weaving coop she works with and I was reminded that just last week, there was one in our office parking lot in broad daylight. Certainly not as big a disaster as the one she was describing but scarier in its proximity.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

county fair

I'm feeling old. Must be the heat. I can't imagine spending the whole day at the fair. But I'm sure people still do. We did when I was a kid. It was a very big deal to be a member of 4-H. Taking the lamb to show in the ring. Baking six perfect bisquits and rushing them down for judging. Things were different then. My mom was a stay at home, always available type. And the fair was the high point of the year.
I was pleased to see that the Best in Show for the textiles group (I think) was a handwoven wool blanket. It appeared to be of handspun, naturally colored wool in plain weave. There were a lot of blue ribbons, not many whites and very few that didn't have any ribbons. Maybe because of lack of space those entries without ribbons or only whites were taken home after judging. My daughter took an information packet about entering. There are a number of classifications that she could enter things in. There didn't appear to be anything entered in leatherworking which seems strange, because when I was a kid, the guys all made their own belt with their name on the back and a huge metal buckle to wear with their FFA jacket. My husband could fill an entire display case with his leatherwork, but we'd have to dust it off first!medium_2006-10-01_038.jpg
My granddaughter thought they should change the name of the County Fair to the Carnival because she liked the rides the best. Carousel, ponies, race cars, turtle cars. She would have liked to try even more of them. I'm not a big risk taker, carnival rides are real low on my list of must-do things before I die. I haven't been on a Himalaya since the fatal accident on one when I was a teen. I'm going to hate it when she gets big enough to ride the really scarey ones.
Of course, we ate county fair food - sausages, lemonade, funnel cake, snow cones. The snow cones were the best. I could have sucked down a dozen of those. Maybe that would have cooled me down! The baby was pretty sweaty but he stayed calm in his stroller as long as it was moving along or back and forth. We found a shady corner with a bench to sit down so J could feed him and he came up smiling after that. He doesn't like riding in the car. Wears himself out crying before he finally gives up and goes to sleep. He just can't understand why we aren't picking him up out of his car seat - crying frantically always works at home!
I took a shower and a nap. Still feel like I walked twenty miles uphill.

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Monday, September 25, 2006

shuttle racing

I should mention that I actually got some weaving done yesterday morning. Not a whole towel but very close. M sat on the bench with me while I was working. Didn't insist on helping - curious but not pushy. Her mom had to help at this age.
Finished a beaded butterfly to send it off as a birthday gift. Finished a page in the round robin, I think. Have to let it settle before I pack and ship.
One of the other round robins may have gone astray already. First round and the one I am supposed to get is missing. Luck has been with us on other RRs for the past year, so I'm not shocked.
All the photos uploaded this morning are pixelated - really not happy about that.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

so glad I'm a grandma

And not the mother of a new baby. H was smiling and happy one minute and screaming with tears running down his cheeks the next. And M finds lots of interesting things to do while he is the center of attention. She's really getting the bum deal. medium_2006-09-10_012_small.2.jpg I was glad when J&B returned from their anniversary dinner and a movie to take him home as I was tired of rocking him with my finger in his mouth and he was tired of it, too.
M stayed the night and we did paper dolls and made pancakes from scratch and mopped up the bathroom floor after a bath and all those things she likes to do. She and grandpa are picking up toys downstairs now and I'm taking a Calgon moment next. Maybe I'll feel less cranky.

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Saturday, September 23, 2006


We ate out at a new place in midtown and I enjoyed it. The place was not busy, nicely remodeled old home, delicious seafood and pasta, good service if a little anxious. Dessert was great.
Got a tour of the upstairs where we may have the office holiday party. Could be great - but the stairs might be a problem.

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