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Monday, September 04, 2006

lazy day

Labor day was another great day in a long weekend. Spent the morning doing a photo page for the family albums and working on projects. Edged another needle case for the fall weaver's sale with a quicker technique and finished the one that was taking forever. One will be priced twice as high as the other. They are out of the same handwoven and I found only one perfect button that matches the fabric. Have to keep looking for the closure on the other one.
We spent another hour or so in the wading pool at my daughter's house. This time, B joined us and enjoyed himself. Grandson, too. He really got into kicking the water and it was fun to watch him wave his little fists around. We let the water out and the grass looked grateful for it.
A lot of rocking and shaking the baby to sleep after that. He really has the colic bad. He wakes out of a sound sleep with a look of pain on his face and passes huge, very noisy gas. I hate to think of him on a steady diet of Baby Tummies, but that appears to be his only relief.
I finally remembered to take the bug quilt over to his house today and when we left, the bonding had begun. He was asleep again, covered in the quilt - and all the little creepy, crawley things that are on the fabrics.

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Sunday, September 03, 2006

pool party

We took the birthday pool party over to my daughter's house to escape the mosquitos. The wading pool was huge. Big enough for all of us, but B stayed inside. The story was that he was enjoying talking to H but really his back was bothering him and he was afraid to get down on the ground in cold water and then not be able to get back up again. We had a delicious dinner and chocolate cheesecake for dessert. The candles were too big to put on top - they were big red peppers!
We had to light them three times - M liked helping grandpa blow them out! medium_2006-09-03.jpg
J's husband was making curtains for the second story windows where the sunshine comes in strong enough to block the signal from the remote control. It's also pretty blinding from J's favorite chair. Then there was the drama of watching the guys coordinate moving a two story ladder around an energetic four year old, a lot of baby paraphenalia, and a ceiling fan to hang the curtains with tension rods. The curtains in the fan lights over all the lower windows in the front look pretty snazy for a minimal amount of work and $1 a yard fabric from Walmart. We watched the documentary on the Twin Towers and that pretty much did me in for the day. We went home tired. I am so glad I'm not responsible for keeping a baby happy all day any more.

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Saturday, September 02, 2006

no breeze today

For some strange reason, this post is showing up as a "home" page and new posts are not showing unless you click on Archives - 2006-09.

Leaves are dead still on the trees. Not a breath of air. Watering the pots even though it supposed to rain on Monday and there is the threat of deadly mosquitos hanging over our tiny city. I live on the edge!
We shared a porterhouse steak last night in celebration at the Taste of Texas. It was not at all busy - everyone has left town for the long weekend. Delicious but now that he's been there, done that, B is happy and doesn't need to go back.
I am definitely going to finish the stuff I am sending for the Quintessential Art group. It is at the top of my list of deadlines missed. I'm sending out a goup of things that are kinda missmatched. I am sure that will confuse everyone so I have to write out my artist's statement to go along with them.
Next project to get done is another book. I played with an idea I had and of course, it didn't work. Moving on to idea number two. This a bright colorful book in paper. I have no idea about the cover, but I was trying for a flag book effect and I wasn't happy with the first run at it. Idea number two is still simmering on the back burner. I need to flip through some books for inspiration. Maybe a wierd shaped book. Maybe torn edges so they don't look so ... commercial in the bright colors. Hmmm, that's worth trying.medium_2006-09-02.jpg
And in between the fun stuff, I have cleaned the kitchen and vacuumed. We expect M to spend the night and B has finished the turtle stool head replacement. We are going to paint it tomorrow. I have to fill the neck joint now so that it will be dry enough to paint. It's a stool J had a child. It seems that M has adopted it cause it caused her pain when we took it away for the repair. She thought we were throwing it away. She has lost toys because they have a rule that anything that goes over the upstairs rail gets thrown away - the rule is supposed to insure safety for those below and she had a bit of problem learning it. One time she was playing with a favorite stuffed animal and it tumbled over accidently and she had to put it tearfully into the trash herself. I hated to see that happen but consistency is supposed to be the key to parenting.
So the turtle stool will have a happy ending. She will get to help paint his new head.

Friday, September 01, 2006


It's going to rain this weekend for the party boy.
And I read on our little city website that the county found West Nile Fever in mosquitos in a stagnant puddle in our city! We only have 600 homes. So we're talking somewhere very close - could even have been in my street gutter which doesn't drain properly or in the drain below the street.
I'm thinking we won't be spending any time outdoors this weekend and so that blows the last birthday present - the family sized wading pool. Pooh. I was gonna sump pump the water onto the garden anyway but I had planned on leaving it in there at least overnight. Now that seems like a bad idea.

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Thursday, August 31, 2006

new superstore

I went to the new Walmart on my home from work. Big mistake. I was hungry. So when I got frustrated in my attempt to pick up one more present for B for this weekend, I bought some yummy bad stuff. Fruit empanadas, one pineapple and one that was supposed to be pumpkin for B, but turned out to be apple. Some Smirnoff Lime thingies, some baked Chippers and a sandwich that we shared. Also, a chocolate cheesecake for dessert this weekend. And a skirt, some nuts, a tank top in small that matches the tank top I bought that actually fits me. I plan to cut the small into sleeves and make the tank into something I can wear to work. It's a great textured, altered collage kind of print. I love it and it looks good with a lot of my things but not with my rather large upper arms. I hope to draft my daughter into helping me drape the sleeve cap correctly into the opening. Then I'll just serge the edge and sew it in.
Crappy day at work. Let's not go there. But of course, I have to *go there* again tomorrow.
I hope you will forgive me, I can't get the apostrophe to stop bringing up the Find on this page Function. How do turn that little bugger off? (Much later I got it to stop and edited the page.) I hate typos. But there you are - quotes where there should be apostrophes. Get over it. Monk is never gonna read this blog anyway.

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