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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

shoe dropped

Yesterday, the other shoe dropped at work and so it was hurry up and then deliver this. I was elected. Everyone else took one step back, I guess. Ha! no, really the destination was near my daughter's house so I volunteered and then, oh, by the way, "I won't be coming back today," took the rest of the afternoon and played. Went to dinner with the kids at Chili's and took half of an enormous chicken mesquite salad home to my husband who enjoyed it and said it was just enough!

J was busy with beading when I arrived and H was happy in his chair at the table eating baby cookies. A momentary calm surface in an otherwise typically chaotic household with two children. We sat in the gazebo for a moment and enjoyed the breeze in her garden. It's still sorta spring here for another couple of days, I think. But the mugginess is beginning. Her plants are all doing very well.

I took some sugar snap pea seeds to a co-worker since I've been sharing my bounty from the garden. "One for you and one for you, two for me." It's just a tease but I only collect four or five a day and the leaf fungus is starting... part of the mugginess setting in, I guess, so the plants are doomed. I will pull them out and put black plastic down for a couple of weeks and start again. I have my basil seeds ready to spread for the second crop.

I've been searching through my notebooks on my weaving projects lately. I'm looking for notes to put on the entry for the conference and I am realizing how much I am NOT weaving lately. Depressing. I want to. I need to. I have a swatch swap due in August and I came up with a plan on the long drive to work. Have to make notes. Now. Double weave, painted warp in the center of each sample about 3 inches wide, black border all around each painted center. If I have enough warp ... I could use them as ATCs (3.5 x 2.5) or Postcards (4 x 6) - the size is adaptable depending on how much I weave between the horizontal black borders.

My mind is weaving faster than my fingers.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

cats and dogs

Rain woke me up last night and since I was exhausted when I went to sleep, it must have a real good storm. The water aerobics class really makes it easy to just drift off as soon as my wet hair hits the pillow. The good kind of exercise.

I made another list of what I have to get done. I was feeling a little frantic. Good thing I looked at my priorities as I now realize I have to finish the entry by this Saturday and deliver it as the due date is coming and the collection point is across town and I won't be making that drive after work.

At work, I'm doing fill in stuff waiting for the other shoe to drop on a project on a short string. Hurry up and wait. It's good to get the mundane out of the way, but it's a bit hard to concentrate when others are racing madly around trying to finish their part and I can't really help. I put together a tall glass shelved tower to put the boss's orchids and violets near the warmest window in the office. It looks great and I know the orchids are gonna love it. When they bloom, we switch them out in the front office. I always have orchids to look at. I should sketch some sometime....

Going out now to pick some more sugar snap peas.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

another fine day

Spring is still with us. Cloudy today with a broken promise of rain. So I watered the front lawn. The pink thingies are doing well. In the garden by the fence, I planted some new stuff and pulled some old stuff out of pots and gave it all some new top soil. The bed seems to have turned into a clay dump since I last worked on it. The hydrangea is showing signs of life. It sits in a low spot and has plenty of water all the time. Let's hope for blossoms this year. If things perk up overnight, I might post a photo of this tiny bit of progress or not. The best news is that the parsley hasn't bloomed yet and so I may be able to freeze some after all. I live in hope that tomorrow will have more than just the usual 24 hours in it so that I can get some of these pesky things done that stay on my to-do list forever.
Lunch today was a visit to a Indian buffet. Not our favorite but one near the SuperTarget so we could combine lunch and get the weekly shopping done. I forgot something. I remembered what it was when I was unloading the bags and now I've forgotten it again. Must find to-do list.
Granddaughter read one of the books I just got from a friend who scouts the garage sales for everyone she knows. She read a Frog and Toad book. It had enough pictures and enough text to keep her interested. She reads with great voice inflections and she has a tiny lisp, possibly because of the missing teeth. Very cute to see her totally absorbed in reading out loud for her own enjoyment.
Tomorrow is mail day for the latest thing I signed up for. An altered book round robin. Friendship is my theme. I am using How to Win Friends and Influence People. It brags that there are 15 million in print so ripping pages out and painting over the rest will probably not cause anyone to write hateful comments about being a despoiler of books.
And tomorrow is water aerobics. Exercise is good for me. Penn and Teller are just wrong sometimes.

Thursday, March 22, 2007


It's going to hurt tomorrow but tonight I feel pretty good. A nice workout in the pool. She really keeps up a fast pace for 45 minutes. I've squeezed muscles I didn't know I had. My goal is not to cause a draft when I make tiny circles while my arms are out straight at shoulder level.

These are the azaleas in the back beside the garage. I can see them from the windows in the back of the house. The previous owner had put all these lovely azaleas up under the bathroom window in the back. Hidden from the street and from any window in the house. I moved them years ago when we first had foundation work done. The only one to die was one I left in its original location. They are gorgeous and deserve to be the focal point of any yard. Every year when they bloom I wish I had put one up front instead of the white ones which look dirty brown two days after they open.

There will be peace and calm soon. I can feel it. I will get caught up with filing. I may even file our tax return in the next couple of weeks.

one quarter gone

The year is one quarter gone almost and I'm just now getting my calendar prettied up and ready to use.

I used a piece of fabric that was stamped and painted years ago in a workshop/retreat in the hill country. Too small to make anything monumental. Too wonderful to throw away. Just the right size to cover the calendar. It's a calendar printout that I took to the office store to have spiral bound. I have blank pages between each of the months so I can make notes, glue in stuff or draw what ever I like. I hate lined paper. Too much like homework.

Vacancy: Toad Abode
Previous tenant met with a bad end. Estate sale this weekend. Cash only. As soon as renovations are complete, applications for new tenants will be accepted.