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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

sugar snap peas

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Sunday, October 22, 2006

it's fall, it's fall

Cool and crisp outside.

Left to right: lettuce, chard, sugar snap peas, radishes, cilantro, parsley, lettuce
Some of the packets have expired dates, so I don't hold out much hope for all of them, but certainly something will come up. Lettuce last year was planted by my granddaughter and pretty haphazardly, and we enjoy some nice salad from it until it bolted late in the spring. I know I should like chard, but I don't know what to do with it. Any ideas?

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Friday, October 20, 2006

so many projects

There should be more days in a weekend. I have a list a mile long. The weather is cooperating for now. It is cool and dry. I shut off the sprinklers cause we have definitely had enough rain to keep even the roof green. We once had a line of little trees growing in our gutters. B is not one to repeat a nasty chore, so he removed the gutters. No more rooftop saplings.
I wanna go buy some dirt. The planter boxes are sinking. The dirt has settled and been sucked up into the veggies I harvested this year. Finally gave up on the two year old tomato plant. The volunteer basil is still going, planting seeds for next year I hope. I have to lift some perenials before I refill them. It will take a lot of work. Have to pace myself.

Then there's the weaving, the soccer game, the harvest festival, two round robins to work on and we going to lunch at a new cajun place tomorrow.
We went back to the Sugar Shack. They're getting their act together. Very nice waitstaff tonight, fried green tomatoes as a lagniappe, corn doggers with syrup, shrimp was overcooked on my citrus salad but B's meatloaf was like Sunday potroast. They're going to be charging a cover for the entertainment on weekends but all we were subjected to was endless sound checks. I bet the place is jumping now.
Photos to unload tonight. I'm behind on that project.
Today work was quite pleasant. I got some things accomplished. Have a plan on next week's projects while my boss is gone.
Talked to my mom the other day. She tells me she is better. She always says that and I always wonder better than what? But she sounds good and cheerful. I use a handsfree phone to call on the way home and she asks where I am as we drive along. She can tell when we're almost home by the sound of the traffic. Sometimes I get stuck in traffic and that fools her into thinking I'm already parked in my driveway. Nope, just waiting my turn on the overhead, Mom.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

full schedule

Shopping for folding lawn chairs in the fall is like looking for a Santa in July. The summer leftovers are piled out back by the wading pools full of mosquito larvae. But it's soccer season and the ones I have are too heavy to carry and their pointy feet sink deep into the mud. We're taking a picnic so it will probably rain again.
Bought three big pumpkins and a bag of small ones for photo props. Some storage tubs for more garage cleanining.
I bought new curtains and a cheap quilt for the upstairs. I am going to paint the wall to match the curtains - green, of course. The window is high and to one side on the wall and looks strange when draped with fabric that contrasts with the wall. I'm all about symmetry when it comes to one big window in a room. But I'm sure this one was placed so that the elevation view from the backyard (?) would be wonderful in the architectural drawings.
We're going ahead with some superficial house renovations. I had a meltdown the other night over the things that are wrong with this house. Naturally this is the wrong time of year to begin tearing the house apart. Replacing a door in the rainy season will require scheduling and rescheduling, I'm afraid. And anything new makes the old surroundings look even sadder.
Anyway, soccer game today, sleepover tonight, pumpkin photos tomorrow. Maybe a trip to get the paint and look at doors will be wedged in there somehow.
I'm waiting for the glue to dry on some fabric so I can apply the next color. Experimenting with glue batik.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

other people's agenda

I was gonna garden all morning. Perfect day for it.
My husband starts rearranging the garage. Which only means he needs more room and my stuff has to get stacked up in the corner out of reach. Extra car seat all the way in back.
In the process he brought out three cardboard boxes which had huge water/bug/rat damage. I hate garages. They are only good for parking cars. And we never do that. Some of what was in the box was absolute mystery to me. A box obviously from his mother with baby shoes, jewelry, books. Almost completely unsalvageable. I put one shoe in the freezer to see if I can kill all the bugs and then clean it up. Washed two pieces of jewelry. The rest was just crumbles and excrement. Another box (which I had packed btw) contained crocheted bedspreads, doilies, embroidered table runners, napkins, towels, a net tablecloth, some cutwork. All in as good a condition as when I put them inside a plastic bag in the box. I have been searching for this box for some time, kept thinking it was maybe way in the back under the stairs in the house. I'm washing things up now. The heavy crocheted bedspread is going to be a problem. It weighs a ton dry. When wet, I won't be able to manage it and so I am going to have to soak it and spin it out in the washer and hope I can get it out again in one piece. Washing it in the tub on top of a sheet for support is just not an option. I'll check it first for any weak spots, but it looks in good shape and has not been washed in 50 years, I'm sure.
I cut off buttons from his old boy scout uniforms and the patches. Put the ribbon with all the patches sewn on it in the freezer. Washed one shirt with only minor damage. He's an Eagle, so was his dad and so are the two nephews.
Ernie is in the dryer now. Bert was not so lucky.
Two handknit sweaters from my daughter's childhood are completely ruined. Big nasty holes and rot all over, crawling with bugs.
Spoiled my mood.

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