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Sunday, September 10, 2006

tore thru the to-do list

I did everything on my list this weekend!!! and had fun besides. Of course, eating wisely was not on this list.
The OTS Fabric Book round robin has begun. I have the images I want transfered to white satin and some of the elements are sewn on the main background. I have tons of stuff to embellish with and a good plan for the reverse side. I'm pleased with how it's coming out and I got the ultimate groan from my daughter on the pun of a name I chose. So I know I moving in the right direction. All will be revealed in a photo later.
We took the kids out to eat on Saturday and brought the granddaughter home to spend the night. She is reading every sign we drive past and every carton of food in the kitchen. Words are suddenly making sense to her. She spent some time watching her favorite shows on Noggin and alternating between doing things with me and with Grandpa. She likes making pancakes and eating them. medium_2006-09-10_012.jpg Exploring in my workspaces is also a constant delight. They put another coat on the turtle and we'll be doing the shell decoration sometime this week when I pick up another color of green.
My daughter helped me with marking the placement of the sleeves in my tank top. It's going to be great. I don't do tank tops at work and this fabric was just too great to pass up. I bought a second shirt and am turning that into the sleeves.
Took a bunch of new photos of the baby grandson and so I have family album pages to do tonight.
The gardening got done, the lawn mowed, some house cleaning accomplished. I even wove part of towel on the tire tracks warp. Stand back or you'll be eating my dust. I'm onna roll.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

outside frog

medium_2006-09-05_001.jpgBloggers post flower photos on their blogs; natural inspiration, I believe is the excuse. And pets are popular subjects, too.
Here's my outdoor frog and a rain lily celebrating the cloudburst we got this afternoon.

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Saturday, September 02, 2006

no breeze today

For some strange reason, this post is showing up as a "home" page and new posts are not showing unless you click on Archives - 2006-09.

Leaves are dead still on the trees. Not a breath of air. Watering the pots even though it supposed to rain on Monday and there is the threat of deadly mosquitos hanging over our tiny city. I live on the edge!
We shared a porterhouse steak last night in celebration at the Taste of Texas. It was not at all busy - everyone has left town for the long weekend. Delicious but now that he's been there, done that, B is happy and doesn't need to go back.
I am definitely going to finish the stuff I am sending for the Quintessential Art group. It is at the top of my list of deadlines missed. I'm sending out a goup of things that are kinda missmatched. I am sure that will confuse everyone so I have to write out my artist's statement to go along with them.
Next project to get done is another book. I played with an idea I had and of course, it didn't work. Moving on to idea number two. This a bright colorful book in paper. I have no idea about the cover, but I was trying for a flag book effect and I wasn't happy with the first run at it. Idea number two is still simmering on the back burner. I need to flip through some books for inspiration. Maybe a wierd shaped book. Maybe torn edges so they don't look so ... commercial in the bright colors. Hmmm, that's worth trying.medium_2006-09-02.jpg
And in between the fun stuff, I have cleaned the kitchen and vacuumed. We expect M to spend the night and B has finished the turtle stool head replacement. We are going to paint it tomorrow. I have to fill the neck joint now so that it will be dry enough to paint. It's a stool J had a child. It seems that M has adopted it cause it caused her pain when we took it away for the repair. She thought we were throwing it away. She has lost toys because they have a rule that anything that goes over the upstairs rail gets thrown away - the rule is supposed to insure safety for those below and she had a bit of problem learning it. One time she was playing with a favorite stuffed animal and it tumbled over accidently and she had to put it tearfully into the trash herself. I hated to see that happen but consistency is supposed to be the key to parenting.
So the turtle stool will have a happy ending. She will get to help paint his new head.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

wierd working mode

Short work day today. Brunch in the morning to celebrate a birthday at work. A lot of really good food and masses of fresh fruit and donut holes. I made fresh pesto with basil from the garden and piled it on scrambled eggs sitting on top of fresh spinach. Delicious. Then I left early to accompany B to his follow up doctor visit. Waste of time, insurance rules/paperwork issues to work out. But he did get a complete copy of his records from the hospital visit. He's happy with them. medium_2006-08-08_002.jpg
So I got home earlier than usual and with all the wierd scheduling today, I forgot to go to water aerobics - bummer. Only one class left on Thursday. Help me remember to go!
Took advantage of the longer evening at home to work on a couple of projects. Finished another ATC for the European Papers House of Cards II. Waiting for the glue to dry before I can scan and post it. While I was searching through stuff for the ATC, Wendy's ATCs for her mom and dad kept running through my brain. They were so sweet. I happened on a print out of an old photo that someone had sent in a birthday squishie and then I began to pull things out of places that haven't seen light in a long time. More glue drying on a 8x8 art board.
I'm using a painted, stenciled silk scarf piece that I would never have used for this if I hadn't already cut it in half with my eyes closed and sent half to Janene (I think...) for her birthday squishie. My eyes were closed because I couldn't bear to see a perfectly good scarf - with a weak design! - being cut up for no good reason. But I cut it again and glued it down as the background and the rest is history. I'm liking it a lot. Feeling top dollar. And while I was at, pulling things out, I made a pile of lime green and orange stuff to go with some leftover background from another project. Hey, maybe I could make a living at this!
Nah, probably not.
Tomorrow's Wednesday.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

raining frogs and toads

It's raining at work and I watered the lawn at home this morning. Hope the flowers haven't slid off into the street by the time I get home.
Now a huge roll of thunder. Guess I'll save this and exit NOW.

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