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Monday, August 06, 2007

autumn fairy

The binding isn't done on this page yet, but it's so big that it will have to be photographed when it's completed anyway. This is all that fits on my scanner. This journal page is for Sherry's Autumn Splendor fabric book. I did some quilting in leaf shapes on the part that is hidden by the white square. It shows on the back where I also stitched in my name. The white square is a sample from a class I taught at the regional weavers' conference about ten years ago. Natural dyes painted onto real leaves from my back yard and then pressed onto an alum mordanted cotton cloth.

The fairy is cut from a printed fabric and her wings are the same ribbon as at the top and bottom of the frame. When I was fusing the body I realized that the iron was a little hot and her wings crinkled up - it's nylon ribbon - but that gave it a lot of dimensional quality. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. The squares in the corner are glass tiles with a coppery mirror finish. The printed fabric on each side of the white square is from one of my favorite dresses from the 70's. I still have lots more. I was going to make a cathedral window quilt out of it, but that was way too much handwork at the time. I still love the fabric and may eventually find the perfect use, the second time around.

Enjoyed doing the embroidery last night. So this just needs a little work tonight and then it's in the mail later in the week.

Sunday, August 05, 2007


Been feeling a little overwhelmed lately looking at the to-do list. I have a lot of stuff started and am trying to work a little on everything at once. Lots of ideas crying to get out. It seems like inspiration comes on me just as I hit the on ramp on my commute to work. Occasionally the traffic is so bad that I am parked for just long enough to scribble something down so I don't lose an idea. The other day, it was a mess waiting for construction trucks to clear out of the way, that I had time for a full blown sketch and lots of notes about materials and processes. Now if only I could find time to get them actually made.

My daughter is in full production mode. Running through the handwovens I've given her like rain down my roof gutter spout. She needed some notions to finish more, so we went shopping, first in my closet for more handwovens and then to the store to get thread, interfacing and linings. We found a few wonderful things and lots of other things to try. A twin needle! Spent some time trying out all the stitches. Then after she went home, I couldn't get the dang thing to do the satin stitch for a while, it was changing stitches in the middle of sewing... I'm not sure how I did it, but after turning my own head counterclockwise three times and swearing profusely, it finally started to sew correctly again. I do not know how I "fixed" it. It has happened before and it just takes patience, I have to try every combination of needle up, turn this all the way left and that button all the right to the right or vice versa and voila, it is hunky-dory again.

I have a fabric page laid out for the round robin book. I'm the last one to work in it and it is really fun to see everyone's work altogether. Much better than looking at the posted photos. Mine will be home in a month or so. And that's a good thing, because I've joined up on a couple of other round robins and I really shouldn't have. I have art camp coming up and the weaver's sale and I just really need to think about doing a lot of other things, the usual cleaning, and did you realize that the holidays are almost here? Well, not really, but you know it won't be long till it's Halloween and then Thanksgiving and well, I just can't keep up in the fall.

Tons to do, gotta run. The granddaughter is here and we're busy looking at everything on my worktable.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

in other news

We had brunch this morning with my daughter and the grandkids at a new place in Richmond and it was pretty good. We went early and the kids ate well and behaved nicely. Almost no food landed on the floor.

There was a really interesting old building out back. Looks like a journal quilt about to happen.

And what are these? They were in the yard behind the restaurant.

My daughter is in a sewing phase and I off loaded a lot of stuff, thread, zippers, interfacing, fabrics and doodahs so she can keep going without spending any money on supplies. Her new year’s resolution. My stuff is already paid for and gathering dust. She may as well use it and possibly sell the products at the sale in a couple of months.

Typing that just gave me heartburn… what am I going to be selling? Only a couple of months away! Aaaak. Too busy focusing on the day-to-day finishing of little projects, I haven’t thought about my own handwoven items for the sale.

I had lunch with Livia from North Texas on Friday. She was in town with her grandkids and we met up at Joe’s Crab Shack. She brought me the next round robin book (it's about Time, no she wasn't late bringing it... it's about TIME!) and we chatted about all kinds of things. She gave me sage advice and a few tidbits of information about how most people gain 40 pounds while on a cruise. Delightful. Doom and gloom setting in - must not let this happen to me. I am mesmerized by food. I think I gained weight when I went to see Like Water for Chocolate. I know I felt full when I left the theater after Waitress and actually burped after we saw Ratatouille. I should maybe plan to take a suitcase full of crafts supplies and just hide out on our balcony with an ipod and a camera. Eat only what the grill king brings back hidden in his beard.

By the way, you missed some great steaks on Saturday night. The grill king leaves mine without any spicy rub and I really like them with just the amount that rubs off when he stacks them on the plate to bring to the table. The perfect amount of salt and seasoning.

We really need a high chair at our house. The tiny tank was desperately unhappy with any arrangement we tried for feeding him. Didn’t want to sit on anyone’s lap, didn’t want to be in the playpen right beside the table. He is really independent and wants to feed himself. And he wants to be part of the action – at the table, reaching for everything within two feet of him.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

feel disconnected

It's hot. It's July. The a/c is not working in my office at work. Everyone else is freezing; I have two fans pulling cool air to my end of the hall. And yes, I did have some cheese with that whine. And crackers.

I think my brain is suffering from the heat. I can't get into a rhythm on this blogging thing lately. I mean do you really want to hear what I had for lunch? Don't answer that.

The best thing I did lately was a dress for a paper doll as the sign in for a round robin on Girly Girls.

Then this is for an altered canvas round robin that is just beginning in a couple of weeks. I have had to hide it from myself until the mail date because I would really like to just glue things on it myself. I really need to do more collage. Either that or mosaics. Or maybe paper mosaic collages.

Or maybe go weave on the samples that are due in a month.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

full day, fast weekend

Pouring down rain this morning early. I went out just before it started and soaped down the car and scrubbed so the rain could wash it clean. Now if a good wind storm would come through, I would leave the doors open and it would blow the carpets clean for me.

Pulled a few weeds and tidied up the garden. These are in a pot by the front sidewalk, third year they have bloomed.

Then a bit of time on the computer. I spent last evening starting a new project. Beading with the turquoise and copper paper beads I made. Not thrilled yet with the plan. Still working that out.

We had agreed to baby sit so we also had to vacuum and baby-fy the room. If we curtail his traveling pattern and provide lots of toys he is easy to control. Responds well to NO! Says NO! back to us and folds his hands over his chest and looks gilelessly as though he wasn't really at fault. It was just his wayward hands.

The rest of them went to see Harry Potter's latest movie and then the grill king fired up the grill. I was better organized today for some reason, all the side dishes and condiments got on the table and we even had dessert arranged. M ate plenty of enough things so she could have some. It didn't rain much on the grill while he was cooking. But we had some fabulous thunderhead clouds to watch.

I even got some weaving done during a short period when I let Grandpa handle the little guy. I am feeling very confident that I will be done with the swatch swap on time this year.

The little tank didn't take a nap all day and, for the more than two hours he was with us, was on his feet and moving the whole time. He did enjoy tossing all the magazines out of the basket one at a time. No damage, just made for a slippery floor for him after that. So we had to call a halt to that fun. He has gotten more than his fair share of bruises.

Now that they're gone and the dishes are cleaned up, I think I am going to hit the sack early tonight.