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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

three for one

Before I put the binding on it, I looked at the July journal quilt and decided my daughter was right. It wasn't really me and so I cut the darn thing up. So now I have finished a completely different project and one with a deadline. With a little tweaking, this will become my postcards for the Romance swap. They're mostly red, with hearts on each one of the three. I printed out a card stock back and fused and stitched it on. They are ready to be mailed. I should probably hit them with a bit of spray sealer since it is inkjet printing and it's raining here again. More photos later after the tweaking.

On Sharon B's CQ blog (see link in my right sidebar), she is looking for comments to help her decide on her 2008 challenge. She has a large readership and motivates a lot of people to stitch more. I put in my vote for a finishing-up-projects kind of a challenge but mostly the votes are going in the pocket of a design thing. I want to see the hanging chad on this ballot. Oh, well, I suppose I must struggle on alone in my quest to find the bottom of the stack of the stuff I want to finish.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

as good as it gets

May's Journal quilt. We worked on mosaics in May and I was thinking I would do a mosaic, with nice little black grout lines and tiny little squares. Thought about it deeply all day. Sketched something out. Got home, hardly keeping my eyes open, I read for awhile, tried to think about getting some sleep, but this little pile of fabric I had pulled out kept calling me upstairs. This is as good as it gets. Not at all what I sketched. Much simpler, believe me.

Not based on a photograph this month, but still a simile for a name. Not really a mosaic, but raw edged pieces laid down with abandon - my approach to mosaics, too, with lots of practice on free motion quilting. I sometimes get it smooth and free flowing and sometimes run into a brick wall. I confess to lusting after a room size frame and industrial size machine. But ... this is as good as it gets for me.

Ahhh, now I can sleep.

ooo, shiny!

August journal quilt finished - as shiny as a Magpie's nest.

Thrums from the August weaving project combined with an acrylic felt wadding that shows through the nest of clipped dyed and maroon fibers, bits of sequin numbers thrown in for good measure. In person, the dyed tencel yarns fairly glow.

If I planned a journal quilt each morning and sewed it up as quickly as this in the evening, I could be caught up in a week.

Monday, September 10, 2007

co-op quilt

This is the work-in-progress photo of the cooperative quilt. I've done the assembly and the quilting. All that's left is the binding and the quilting on the border. And of course, to hear the announcement of the birth of the little one. Wow, I could be finished before the blessed event. It's a surprise, so I'll tell you who made what blocks later. You never know who's reading the same blogs.... I don't have that many friends who are pregnant, though.

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Sunday, September 02, 2007

baby quilt

Just starting to quilt this now. A group project. Blocks made by friends of the mother-to-be and I'm putting it all together. I'm not an expert quilter so I learn a lot with every project I start. I am going slowly and trying to do my best. First time I've machine quilted anything bigger than a journal page quilt. So far, I've just done some straight stitching in the middle block. Next I'm thinking of drawing a hand print and foot print to put into the plain corner blocks. There's a heart embroidered in one block so that will have heart shaped quilting. Another block has stars so that will be the shape of the quilting lines. Big plans. Small steps.

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