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Sunday, November 05, 2006

full moon

Just woke up in the middle of the night. Get your cup of coffee and come back - this is a long post. I fell asleep at nine this evening exhausted from about the best day in my life so far. Couldn't get back to sleep, so I'm typing my little heart out now before I forget everything that made it so wonderful.
The moon is full to bursting and it's bright as day out there. I want to go out and take some photos, but I'm resisting the urge. I'd have to concentrate too much and get out the tripod. LOL
Quilt show was just too perfect for words. I bought some things on my list that I wanted and didn't buy stuff for a million projects that I won't ever finish. My daughter J and I cried together on the way home. She is so dear to me and this is the best time of my life. My granddaughter is asleep downstairs. I spent the day enjoying my grandson and sharing him with the ladies at the quilt show. He was smiley and animated and only had one quick bout of colickey crying and another to let us know he was hungry. We ducked through the crowds on those occasions and found some lovely secluded spots in the bowels of the convention center so J could nurse him in peace.
My daughter brought the quilt I made for H and we showed it off occasionally. In one aisle a pair of ladies stopped at the stroller and talked about the fabric and they admired my quilt. We talked for a bit with them. One had found the bug fabric on sale and wanted to make a quilt for a little boy and couldn't get anyone who thought it was as perfect for a boy's quilt as we all agreed it was. I quoted the "snips & snails & puppy dog tails" and her friend laughed and said she had thought of that when she saw the fabric too. It's so easy to bond with strangers at the quilt show over such small things. I hope she makes up her bugs quilt and finds the right little boy to give it to.
We took time in the morning to make our selection of purses from the Hmong Pandau Needle Design booth - an annual agonizing decision. Too many beautiful choices. I am waiting in in line to pay for three, one for a friend who's admired the one I use daily plus one for each of us. This year's choice in tan with the wonderful handworked design on the flap. All of a sudden I hear my daughter say Sandy? And yes, it is her. I'm on the other side of a lot of ladies and a sea of purse so they chat for awhile. Sandy has the most amazing timing. I see her at all the pivotal points in my life, it seems. We've known her for years, she worked for my husband for a long time a while back but our paths only cross occasionally now. Once just before J's wedding at Sam's and then again, just after M was born and now at the quilt show. We chat until I get a call from Margaret and realize it's time for lunch already. Meet her in the lunch room and catch up on things with her. She's helping her mother with five family quilts that sound just wonderful and she's been doing some sampling on felting crocheted work.
We head for our hideaway spot upstairs for H's lunch break and I get a call from Karen and arrange a meetup with her. We've never met face to face - I tell her to look for a stroller and she finds us. I'm jealous cause she's taking classes at the festival and one day I really want to do that. We chat for awhile and then we all head back for more fun in the vendor area.
J and I cruise through the Journal quilt exhibit. This has been J's fav from the first quilt show we attended together. And I think this will be the last year they do this subject. I bought the book. She started to do the nine months, but M was less than a year old and she didn't get very far on the project. We really believe in the journaling aspect of the theme and feel that some of the journals displayed are just technique samples without any apparent relationship to the lives of the creators. Her pages were very symbolic and personal. I hope she tries the format again someday even if there is no venue for exhibition. She's good at it.
I take some more photos and buy a catalogue of one of the shows that doesn't allow photos. H likes the quilt exhibition better than the vendor side. The lights are lower and the aisles are wider and the quilts really capture his attention. He's good as gold as we cruise and talk about the wonderful artwork. At one point, Jean and I pause in front of one and we both agree it is not one of our favorites and H blows a raspberry. Only four months and he knows a good quilt when he sees one.
We missed the first two ATC trading sessions at ClothPaperScissors booth, so we make sure we are there for the last one of the day. We arrive early. We are the only ones. There are dozens stuck up on the booth curtain. We study them from a distance. She arrives on time and is sweet and admires my daughter's ATC as she puts a velcro circle on the back of each and adds them to the collection. Then we start asking her to bring us cards to look at closely. We only get to take away three. J is thinking we shoulda brought more and come back each time. This is so exciting. I squeal and say, let me see the eggs one, and yes, it's a Kelli Perkins. I take it. It's mine. J looks at a few, she's narrowing her choices down. We apologize for taking up so much of her time. Then I see an ATC with a face and I recognize it, too! Similar to this but smaller. It's a Terri. And it's mine too. I find another one I like, from an unknown artist! It's a free motion embroidery of a face in black on white eyelet lace. It's wonderful. The only thing better would be to actually trade face to face. We're hooked. We may have to do some ATC meetups.
We cruise some more talking about Christmas decorations. J wants to do some new things this year. She begins to refine her ideas and will make plans to add things slowly in a definite theme and color scheme rather than make choices based on what's on special at the show. We see one lovely fabric and find it's not available any longer but it helps her decide on what she will do for stockings. We continue the search for the cute mouse fabric we saw in a quilt early in the day. No one has any but there are some great deals on fat quarters. I get a stack of ultra suede squares in a variety of colors. She finds some things in the bead area for Christmas gifts. I don't find a sewing box for a gift for a friend.
The day is about gone, the sun is setting. We pack it in and head for dinner out with the husbands and M - who picks the restaurant - Olive Garden. It's a 45 minute wait. H is happy to laugh and hold Grandpa's fingers and M finds a friend in the crowd of people waiting. She can always find a friend. Her only fault is that she never meets a stranger. By the time, they are seated the little friend has come out of his shyness and smiles and waves and hands back the extra toy she's brought to play with. After we order, H begins to crank up, he's ready to order dinner, too. So J and I head for the ladies room. We've done this before. You have to take your own chair into the ladies room if you want to nurse. I am the nursing mother's helper. Fortunately there's room for all of us. I'm so glad J's still nursing H despite all the roadblocks that are out there. Back at the table, the soup and salad have arrived and dinner comes soon. Perfect timing. Everyone is happy.
I'll post some photos later.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

red carpet treatment

IQF in Houston is a pretty dazzling place. I went alone for preview night. At first I felt lonely - everyone there came with their three best friends in the whole world. I had no one to chat with, to laugh with, to catch up with. Then the doors opened. I headed first toward the exhibitions. No one to consult with on a course to follow. I cruised the aisles taking pictures of those I liked in areas where it was allowed. No one to pull me away saying, come see this one, wow, look at that. I headed for the booths of vendors and cruised many wonderful booths, buying something here, some little thing there. No one saying you need this, this is perfect for you, wouldn't this be great to have. I picked out a postcard. Found Make-it U. All by myself, alone.
It's nice to go with friends. I'll do that on Saturday. But it was an extragant pleasure to have three hours on my own as a reconnaissance mission. I went home absolutely exhausted.

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Saturday, October 14, 2006

full schedule

Shopping for folding lawn chairs in the fall is like looking for a Santa in July. The summer leftovers are piled out back by the wading pools full of mosquito larvae. But it's soccer season and the ones I have are too heavy to carry and their pointy feet sink deep into the mud. We're taking a picnic so it will probably rain again.
Bought three big pumpkins and a bag of small ones for photo props. Some storage tubs for more garage cleanining.
I bought new curtains and a cheap quilt for the upstairs. I am going to paint the wall to match the curtains - green, of course. The window is high and to one side on the wall and looks strange when draped with fabric that contrasts with the wall. I'm all about symmetry when it comes to one big window in a room. But I'm sure this one was placed so that the elevation view from the backyard (?) would be wonderful in the architectural drawings.
We're going ahead with some superficial house renovations. I had a meltdown the other night over the things that are wrong with this house. Naturally this is the wrong time of year to begin tearing the house apart. Replacing a door in the rainy season will require scheduling and rescheduling, I'm afraid. And anything new makes the old surroundings look even sadder.
Anyway, soccer game today, sleepover tonight, pumpkin photos tomorrow. Maybe a trip to get the paint and look at doors will be wedged in there somehow.
I'm waiting for the glue to dry on some fabric so I can apply the next color. Experimenting with glue batik.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

turn on the light

Remember to turn on the light when you are walking around. Especially at night. Otherwise you might hurt your nose by banging on a chair when you bend over to pick up something you dropped on the floor. Just a little safety lesson I learned the hard way the other night. No black eyes, just a very tender nose and a 48 hour headache.
The guy at work quit yesterday. Means a whole lot of reshuffling of responsibilities and tasks. I hope he will be pleased with his decision but some are doubtful that it was any better than jumping from the pan to the fire. I just keep showing up there every morning and getting further behind. I've forgotten what an empty file box looks like or the color of the top of my desk.
Last night I stopped at the local hobby store for some paint to finish the turtle shell. Bought another small bottle of the metallic green and three other shades for experimenting with the design. A chocolate brown, a darker green, and a very deep plum. One or a combination of the three will give us the shadows and texture we need to say: turtle shell.medium_Fabric_for_a_blouse_for_jean.jpg
Of course, I can't leave the hobby store buying only $4 worth of paint. So I wandered through the Christmas decoration aisles. Big mistake. They had silver bells like I remember from my childhood tree trimming and a string of tiny teapots, a string of tiny rusty hearts, fleur de lis in silver for the Knights cover, and tiny tools for the cover for the Some Assembly Required round robin that is finishing up right now. Then I bought some white satin for the Knights pages and found some great green and gold fabric that I couldn't live without *and* it was on markdown! No idea what to make, but I needed it. Then I realized it would make a wonderful blouse for my daughter using the same pattern I made for her last time. She has been buying a lot of clothes lately and that's a good thing. She hasn't been in the mood to do that for many months. Things are really looking up all around. I know she'll love it. Another new project to add to my list and a perfect present. Shhh, don't tell.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Just spent a gift certificate on books. Emptied my wish list and then decided to have it sent 2-day. Extravagant! But there's a three day weekend coming up and I intend to spend it with books... and of course, my husband. It's his big weekend. We're going to try out the sleepnumber beds at the Radisson. Shh, it's a secret getaway. I'm packing his bag and driving him there after dinner. I've never tried any surprises like this before. Hope it doesn't backfire. It's not like we're flying to San Francisco for dinner or anything. This isn't a silly movie, for goodness sake. We just need a new mattress and this is consumer research. Really. He'll never suspect a thing. I always drive so that won't be any big change. And I often get lost so he'll just think that's happened again.

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