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Saturday, November 10, 2007

shower curtain dream

I dreamed someone had removed the shower curtain and I was taking a shower without it and no water was hitting the floor. Must have been because I was thinking yesterday that it was about time to take it down and wash it.... so I did today. Dreams are powerful incentives.

Then I got my hair cut. Just walked in to Supercuts after using my coupon at Hobby Lobby for Peltex and there was an opening with a stylist who has straight, thin hair so I figured I was pretty safe in her hands. She did just what I asked her to efficiently and confidently and I like how it turned out. The grill king commented on it positively. Another item crossed off my to-do list.

Dinner tonight with the kids to celebrate my daughter's birthday some more.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

not affiliated and dead cars

I have been using Picasa Web Albums to host my photos here since I was in danger of using up all my alloted free space on blogspirit.com with photo albums. But I only just downloaded their photo software (Picasa2) today and I am blown away by the way it works. It has lots of interesting features and editing capabilities and the fact that I can now upload an entire pile of photos instead of just five at a time is just the ultimate in time saving. Wish I had known that before I uploaded the cruise photos - I would have done all 283 of them instead of just 50 or so.... well, maybe that wouldn't be a good thing from your point of view?

Both our cars were dead this morning. I was two hours late for work and the grill king had to catch a ride with a co-worker. His was "fixed" while we were on the cruise but died about a mile from home. When he called me to rescue him, mine wouldn't start. So he called his garage to tow in the little truck and come give mine a jump start. The suspense is killing me. Will mine be dead again this evening when I try to start it after work? Film at 11:00. Seriously, I will take a photo of the darn thing sitting there not running if it comes to that. This could be the year I make it into a raised flower bed. I could easily calculate the amount of potting soil necessary. I'm thinking maybe, bananas in the middle seat so they could grow right up through the sunroof, daisies on the dashboard, and ivy trailing out the liftgate in the rear.

Monday, October 08, 2007

home again

The 50th anniversary party was great fun. A family reunion of sorts. Great oldies band with a full dance floor including the honorees.

Amy & Clint can really cut a rug. I'm exhausted from the trip and I didn't even try to keep with the old geezers dancing the night away. Slept in a room with a snake - my nephew's - who was molting - the snake, not my nephew. Although the nephew was sporting a new shorter haircut, so you could say he had shed quite a bit of hair.
Caught up on all the news from near and far. Heard stories about relatives. My grand niece was married recently - didn't know, have to warp the loom for a gift.
I experimented with my new smaller camera. I like almost everything about it. I have to try more things and work out some lighting issues. It has very good menus. Took some unblurred photos through the car window as we raced along at breakneck speed. The only problem there was dirty windows.
On the end leg of my flight, I chatted with another happy grandma going to visit her newest grandson in Texas. She's a quilter and has a neighbor with a long arm machine. Her mother and her grandmother were weavers and so she has things from them. She crochets and I was working on a making a tiny ball and other things just to pass the time. That's how we starting talking. I recommended she go to The Painted Pony in LaPorte - my favorite quilting shop and that she needs to think about coming to the International Quilt Festival as an excuse to see the grandkids again.
It was good to pass the time quickly as the flight had left late and I was late getting home and then the grill king had been sick all weekend so he was in bed early and feeling miserable. He cooked for the kids on Saturday and evidently they had a good time as lots of things are in new places around the house, evidence of the defense against the ground level attack of the toddler.
I finished reading A Thousand Splendid Suns which is an excellent book by the author of The Kite Runner. I probably wouldn't have taken the time to read it if I hadn't had a plane flight. As it was, I was glad I also brought along a ball of crochet cotton because it led to a delightful chat with Nancy on the plane.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

long after saturday's gone

Seems like this past week went by kinda fast. The hours passed slowly but the week was gone in a flash. I haven't slept very well lately, keep waking up and tossing and turning.

We celebrated the grill king's birthday - he grilled the steaks. Corn on the cob was cheap and sweet as candy. The key lime pie didn't have time to set up - party was moved up a day and then I burned the first crusts so we started over and kinda rushed the recipe. But key lime pudding is just as tasty. Fortunately key limes are in season at just the right time as it's his favorite dessert.

I bought him a high tech toy and ordered a handmade card from etsy. The card hasn't arrived yet, but it will be cool even if a little late - a little book of squirrel haiku and illustrations. The toy is a turn table. We have some old record albums and the old stereo system is not hooked up properly any longer (but of course, we can't get rid of it....). This is one of those new turn tables that transfer records to MP3 files and comes with software that is supposed to clean up the noise of very old records.

The most amusing thing about it is - once you've done all your records, you don't need it any more, right? So we're passing it around the family and then maybe it will find its way to eBay. Of course, we won't get rid of the record albums ever. We live in The Museum of Useless Stuff, you know.

I had lunch on Friday with a weaving friend. We went to the Moveable Feast near my office. She applied for a position which I think would be perfect for her. This could work out well for everyone concerned. I can't help but look forward to this on so many levels.

The granddaughter is sleeping over and all that includes. A long bath, cartoons on TV in the morning, pancake making, and some little art project that is fun and quick to do.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

in other news

We had brunch this morning with my daughter and the grandkids at a new place in Richmond and it was pretty good. We went early and the kids ate well and behaved nicely. Almost no food landed on the floor.

There was a really interesting old building out back. Looks like a journal quilt about to happen.

And what are these? They were in the yard behind the restaurant.

My daughter is in a sewing phase and I off loaded a lot of stuff, thread, zippers, interfacing, fabrics and doodahs so she can keep going without spending any money on supplies. Her new year’s resolution. My stuff is already paid for and gathering dust. She may as well use it and possibly sell the products at the sale in a couple of months.

Typing that just gave me heartburn… what am I going to be selling? Only a couple of months away! Aaaak. Too busy focusing on the day-to-day finishing of little projects, I haven’t thought about my own handwoven items for the sale.

I had lunch with Livia from North Texas on Friday. She was in town with her grandkids and we met up at Joe’s Crab Shack. She brought me the next round robin book (it's about Time, no she wasn't late bringing it... it's about TIME!) and we chatted about all kinds of things. She gave me sage advice and a few tidbits of information about how most people gain 40 pounds while on a cruise. Delightful. Doom and gloom setting in - must not let this happen to me. I am mesmerized by food. I think I gained weight when I went to see Like Water for Chocolate. I know I felt full when I left the theater after Waitress and actually burped after we saw Ratatouille. I should maybe plan to take a suitcase full of crafts supplies and just hide out on our balcony with an ipod and a camera. Eat only what the grill king brings back hidden in his beard.

By the way, you missed some great steaks on Saturday night. The grill king leaves mine without any spicy rub and I really like them with just the amount that rubs off when he stacks them on the plate to bring to the table. The perfect amount of salt and seasoning.

We really need a high chair at our house. The tiny tank was desperately unhappy with any arrangement we tried for feeding him. Didn’t want to sit on anyone’s lap, didn’t want to be in the playpen right beside the table. He is really independent and wants to feed himself. And he wants to be part of the action – at the table, reaching for everything within two feet of him.