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Sunday, July 29, 2007

still as a statue

This great tutorial should get much of the credit for my finished April journal quilt. I'm really pleased with the binding technique and it would have been harder to learn without a video cast or a demo in a workshop. I do okay learning from books and diagrams, but believe me a demo is dynamite for getting to the finish line fast.

This is the reverse. I used cotton flannel as the filling for the quilt sandwich and that was a mistake. Don't do this again. The white flannel bits followed the needle out the back and showed up as specks on the dark fabric. I thought at first it was because I used metallic thread on top, but no it did the same with regular thread. I covered up the white flecks by sketching along the quilting lines with a metallic marking pen (archival, blah, blah, blah) and so it appears like I intended to do that not that I was covering up a huge mistake. I do like the back a lot now.

These photographs from the Houston International Festival in April were my inspiration. The theme for 2007 Festival was of course China and there were a lot of great exhibits and shows. These are replicas of the Chinese soldier statues found in a tomb. We had a great time that day. Almost stayed too long.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

full day, fast weekend

Pouring down rain this morning early. I went out just before it started and soaped down the car and scrubbed so the rain could wash it clean. Now if a good wind storm would come through, I would leave the doors open and it would blow the carpets clean for me.

Pulled a few weeds and tidied up the garden. These are in a pot by the front sidewalk, third year they have bloomed.

Then a bit of time on the computer. I spent last evening starting a new project. Beading with the turquoise and copper paper beads I made. Not thrilled yet with the plan. Still working that out.

We had agreed to baby sit so we also had to vacuum and baby-fy the room. If we curtail his traveling pattern and provide lots of toys he is easy to control. Responds well to NO! Says NO! back to us and folds his hands over his chest and looks gilelessly as though he wasn't really at fault. It was just his wayward hands.

The rest of them went to see Harry Potter's latest movie and then the grill king fired up the grill. I was better organized today for some reason, all the side dishes and condiments got on the table and we even had dessert arranged. M ate plenty of enough things so she could have some. It didn't rain much on the grill while he was cooking. But we had some fabulous thunderhead clouds to watch.

I even got some weaving done during a short period when I let Grandpa handle the little guy. I am feeling very confident that I will be done with the swatch swap on time this year.

The little tank didn't take a nap all day and, for the more than two hours he was with us, was on his feet and moving the whole time. He did enjoy tossing all the magazines out of the basket one at a time. No damage, just made for a slippery floor for him after that. So we had to call a halt to that fun. He has gotten more than his fair share of bruises.

Now that they're gone and the dishes are cleaned up, I think I am going to hit the sack early tonight.

Sunday, May 27, 2007


When we were buying more stuff than we needed for finishing J's garden table top, I couldn't pass by these tiny tiles. They were so cute. So I used them to cover a wooden frame I got in a gift box of stuff last year. Yea! Old stuff used and new stuff used almost immediately.

There weren't enough tiles to do the sides so I covered those with copper tape. Looks pretty good considering the time it took to finish. Space for the photo is 4x6 inches, so it is small. Will make a nice Father's Day gift for the grill king. He's seen it sitting around, but I haven't handed it to him to admire, so most likely he hasn't really "seen" it yet. I'll look for the perfect photo of the grandkids to put in it.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

sweet & sour

More afterburners in the gallon jar. He likes 'em on hot dogs. Sadly, they are very good. On many things.

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

question the answers

Communication skills are not genetically hardwired in some people. I know it. I live with it everyday. I am a control freak. I know it. I live with it everyday. Just put the phone on speaker and let's all hear the same thing at the same time.

Now doesn't that feel better? Well, not really. We'll keep thinking we all know what's going on and be wrong again. Sigh. The good news is I got my house cleaner than usual today and hopefully my friend will be singing with her band on a day when I can go.

Lots of other good news: I wound a red striped warp for the swatch swap this summer entitled: We're all Gonna Dye. My daughter got her warp tyed on to the front beam and began weaving. The grill king had perfect weather for cooking today. I even did a little gardening before the whirlwind cleaning session. And I am about to finish up the birds fabric page. Hopefully before midnight.

My grandson thinks I'm the best. I pick him up when he cries and let him crawl around and get into things like the kitchen cupboards. They open and shut. Cool. He's working on standing alone but he still gets the hippy, hippy shakes and falls on his bottom.

Yesterday, we hit the dollar bins at the SuperTarget and found some good stuff. I'm not telling what, we may need to go back.