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Monday, October 16, 2006

rain day

Went to work late to avoid high water and came home early to avoid more rain. Barely made it onto the freeway. My usual exit was flooded. Had to detour around and get gas besides. Another downpour while I was at the pump. Really dark clouds on the way home, now the sun is peaking through. It will probably be an incredible sunset.

Found this little guy in the hallway trying to stay dry.
I'm tired. Stayed too late at the ball last night... working on projects actually. My dancing shoes are in the donation bag on the front porch for tomorrow's pickup. But I did weave another hour of the On the Road Again towels. I thought I was just about at the end, but then I noticed that I have used two rolls of paper on the warp beam and the inner one is much thinner. It hasn't been that long ago since I warped it, how could I forget that???
Since I'm just weaving continuously (mindlessly it would seem) and not making borders or measuring anything, it's easy to weave without knowing how much is left or how much is done. It seems endless, perhaps looping under the loom where there are knives cutting the wefts and the warp keeps circling round and round as I weave and unweave. No, no, that was just a bad dream. But it would make a great story, wouldn't it?

Contemporary Handweavers of Houston

Thanks, Lou, I get it!

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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

turn on the light

Remember to turn on the light when you are walking around. Especially at night. Otherwise you might hurt your nose by banging on a chair when you bend over to pick up something you dropped on the floor. Just a little safety lesson I learned the hard way the other night. No black eyes, just a very tender nose and a 48 hour headache.
The guy at work quit yesterday. Means a whole lot of reshuffling of responsibilities and tasks. I hope he will be pleased with his decision but some are doubtful that it was any better than jumping from the pan to the fire. I just keep showing up there every morning and getting further behind. I've forgotten what an empty file box looks like or the color of the top of my desk.
Last night I stopped at the local hobby store for some paint to finish the turtle shell. Bought another small bottle of the metallic green and three other shades for experimenting with the design. A chocolate brown, a darker green, and a very deep plum. One or a combination of the three will give us the shadows and texture we need to say: turtle shell.medium_Fabric_for_a_blouse_for_jean.jpg
Of course, I can't leave the hobby store buying only $4 worth of paint. So I wandered through the Christmas decoration aisles. Big mistake. They had silver bells like I remember from my childhood tree trimming and a string of tiny teapots, a string of tiny rusty hearts, fleur de lis in silver for the Knights cover, and tiny tools for the cover for the Some Assembly Required round robin that is finishing up right now. Then I bought some white satin for the Knights pages and found some great green and gold fabric that I couldn't live without *and* it was on markdown! No idea what to make, but I needed it. Then I realized it would make a wonderful blouse for my daughter using the same pattern I made for her last time. She has been buying a lot of clothes lately and that's a good thing. She hasn't been in the mood to do that for many months. Things are really looking up all around. I know she'll love it. Another new project to add to my list and a perfect present. Shhh, don't tell.

Friday, August 25, 2006

another good day

Because it's Friday. Yay!
Really finished the bug quilt ... no, really ... this time, I'm not looking again. Definitely done. I had only drawn on the ants and decided that was a cheap shot. So I embroidered over the pen with dark red brown and now they kinda look like roaches. Oh, well. This *is* Houston. Planet Roach.
And I finished the 3Gs + DC round three page that goes to Pasadena on Monday. New photo in that album down there on the right hand side of the screen. It's all about the materials. No real story. Just lustful selections. Silk brocade, natural dyes, golden paint, angelina fibers. I will glue on a manipulated digital photo on the back that is sort of color coordinated - just to hide the fabric edge on the back.
The last couple of days, I am happy to say, have been healthy days. If I eat a chocolate frog, it is obvious in the morning. No more chocolate frogs. I only bore you with this because I read my own stuff and I pretty much believe everything I read.
Tomorrow's challenge: vacuuming.
And maybe a little work on the knights in white satin page. Or the towels on the little loom. Or weeding the flower beds.
The reward is a dinner party for old friends tomorrow night. And I do mean old - a couple of birthday girls! H mgiht be there if my daughter is feeling like he can be cute for more than a couple of hours in a row.Then on Sunday, the swatch swap gets together for the annual exchange. We all walk away with a sample book - this year's theme is On the Road and my samples have been done for weeks - photos posted August 8. Insert smug smile here.

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Friday, August 18, 2006

left early

Weaver's meeting last night. I was tired and left after my show and tell. Made a great deal with Kaye. She offered to sell me an extra baby car seat she didn't need any more. In perfect condition, barely used. Now we are ready to roll with both of them when H gets a little older and doesn't need to face backward any more.
More stuff arrived yesterday. Chocolate frogs and singing frogs. Ridiculously silly!
Thank goodness it is Friday.medium_2006-08-16_water-inkjet_transfer.jpg
I've been working on water transfers using inkjet photo images and it is quite interesting. A little haphazard but still working surprisingly well. The image on the right in the scan is the one which wasn't as good that I cut apart to see how much would be lost in a really rough wash with soap and water and vigorous scrubbing with a fingernail brush.
Saturday, we may take an excursion to see the Gee's Bend Quilt Show at the museum. It all depends on coordination of baby, doctor visits, air conditioning in available cars, scheduling, phases of the moon, and how much sleep I get tonight.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

wierd working mode

Short work day today. Brunch in the morning to celebrate a birthday at work. A lot of really good food and masses of fresh fruit and donut holes. I made fresh pesto with basil from the garden and piled it on scrambled eggs sitting on top of fresh spinach. Delicious. Then I left early to accompany B to his follow up doctor visit. Waste of time, insurance rules/paperwork issues to work out. But he did get a complete copy of his records from the hospital visit. He's happy with them. medium_2006-08-08_002.jpg
So I got home earlier than usual and with all the wierd scheduling today, I forgot to go to water aerobics - bummer. Only one class left on Thursday. Help me remember to go!
Took advantage of the longer evening at home to work on a couple of projects. Finished another ATC for the European Papers House of Cards II. Waiting for the glue to dry before I can scan and post it. While I was searching through stuff for the ATC, Wendy's ATCs for her mom and dad kept running through my brain. They were so sweet. I happened on a print out of an old photo that someone had sent in a birthday squishie and then I began to pull things out of places that haven't seen light in a long time. More glue drying on a 8x8 art board.
I'm using a painted, stenciled silk scarf piece that I would never have used for this if I hadn't already cut it in half with my eyes closed and sent half to Janene (I think...) for her birthday squishie. My eyes were closed because I couldn't bear to see a perfectly good scarf - with a weak design! - being cut up for no good reason. But I cut it again and glued it down as the background and the rest is history. I'm liking it a lot. Feeling top dollar. And while I was at, pulling things out, I made a pile of lime green and orange stuff to go with some leftover background from another project. Hey, maybe I could make a living at this!
Nah, probably not.
Tomorrow's Wednesday.