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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

day off

Spent the day hither and yon doing errands and appointments. Started off late because there must have been a power snafu overnight and we woke up to early morning daylight instead of NPR. It was a gorgeous day, windy and warm.

I got lots of little things done and still had time to stop for a visit and a game of Chutes and Ladders with my granddaughter. No one won. We just got tired of sliding down the chutes and starting over. She wanted to play "no rules" but I am thinking she needs to learn that when you play games with others (like in school) you need to play by the rules. I was gentle but firm and we both moaned whenever either of us had to slide down a chute. But still, it is not a fun game when you keep going back and forth over the same stretch of gameboard. It should be called Quicksand.

While waiting for my turn at several establishments today, I knitted. No one apparently knits anymore except in my little circle of friends. Many stares and comments, all positive of course.

Wasted some money at Hobby Lobby. Needed some things and bought some things I don't really need, but just looked like they might come in handy sometime. Some black bias tape that you iron in place until it is stitched. I've always wanted to try this. Also some extra machine needles. You can never have too many expecially when you sew through paper a lot.

The space dyed yarn is sitting near the warping board. Good sign. I may actually start measuring out the warp for the swatch swap soon. But first I need a plan.

Friday, April 06, 2007

a good Friday

Any Friday you can spend at home is a good Friday in my opinion. So here I am at home and enjoying myself. I got up early and did a lot of gardening. I'm moving bulbs around. Taking them from one place to another. I want a space for a patio with a table and chairs that isn't directly in front of the garage doors. Which means, I have to move a large part of my garden and move quite a bit of dirt as well. There is a huge tree stump which no doubt still houses some toads in the spaces left by the slowly decaying roots.

I also removed the sugar snap pea plants as they were done blooming and the harvest was over - too soon. I also pulled out the cilantro which was blooming over much - a sign that it was past its prime in the flavor department. The parsley is still going great guns and I planted basil and radishes in the former pea pod area. Everything else is looking really nice and I'm quite pleased at the improvements. I am thinking of moving the birdbath back to previous position in the woods. But I assume the cats will take this as a team advantage. Cats 2, Birds 0. Squirrels cheering madly in the stands as it means more seed for them.

We had a little outing. Superficially to pick up something my husband needed from work. But really he just wanted to eat at the Indian buffet close by the office. It was worth for me as I don't get such delicious fare often enough. However it may not have been the best choice for him considering the Rx is giving his stomach fits.

The grill king was lamenting that while the weather was absolutely perfect for burning meat outside, he is feeling under the weather and not able to grill. He will probably be going back to work on Monday despite my objections. At least his pain is under control, if not his digestive track.

The really down note of the day is that an old friend in the weavers guild has died this week. Monday there will be a memorial service for her. I just do not do well at these things. But it is important for families to know that the community shares their grief.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

no gardening today

The rain came down so hard before dawn that my husband got up and moved his little truck from its usual parking place on the street (where it always floods) up into the driveway behind my car.

I won't be gardening today. Way too much rain. The radio had a weather alert going when it came on at its usual time. I loaded things into the closet and sat in there for a few minutes sewing while I waited for the storm to pass. Wasn't really a tornado warning, just a really noisy storm.

Another thing that won't be happening today is the grill king won't be cooking. When it's raining, it usually falls on my me (literally) to grill. Family joke: if it's raining on the weekend, I must have planned to grill meat for dinner. But actually, today we are invited to a pilaf dinner at my daughter's home. So no one will be drenched in pursuit of the perfect steak.

I have made progress on the little sundress for my granddaughter. The bodice is assembled and lined. The next step is a fitting tonight to be sure it will be okay. If she doesn't like it, I've only lost three years of dreaming about it and about three hours of sewing time.

I think it's a bit big around, but that won't bother me or her mom any. We're not into putting small children into costumes that are more suited to street walkers than cute little kids. I'm hoping to use some of my hot pink handwoven fabric for some accessories to go with the dress. Just have to pace myself...and work carefully. My worst mistakes are made in the haste of the moment.

Since the weather seems to portend a long day inside, I hope to get some cleaning done, too. But there are also the taxes that should be taken care of. Yuk.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

another fine day

Spring is still with us. Cloudy today with a broken promise of rain. So I watered the front lawn. The pink thingies are doing well. In the garden by the fence, I planted some new stuff and pulled some old stuff out of pots and gave it all some new top soil. The bed seems to have turned into a clay dump since I last worked on it. The hydrangea is showing signs of life. It sits in a low spot and has plenty of water all the time. Let's hope for blossoms this year. If things perk up overnight, I might post a photo of this tiny bit of progress or not. The best news is that the parsley hasn't bloomed yet and so I may be able to freeze some after all. I live in hope that tomorrow will have more than just the usual 24 hours in it so that I can get some of these pesky things done that stay on my to-do list forever.
Lunch today was a visit to a Indian buffet. Not our favorite but one near the SuperTarget so we could combine lunch and get the weekly shopping done. I forgot something. I remembered what it was when I was unloading the bags and now I've forgotten it again. Must find to-do list.
Granddaughter read one of the books I just got from a friend who scouts the garage sales for everyone she knows. She read a Frog and Toad book. It had enough pictures and enough text to keep her interested. She reads with great voice inflections and she has a tiny lisp, possibly because of the missing teeth. Very cute to see her totally absorbed in reading out loud for her own enjoyment.
Tomorrow is mail day for the latest thing I signed up for. An altered book round robin. Friendship is my theme. I am using How to Win Friends and Influence People. It brags that there are 15 million in print so ripping pages out and painting over the rest will probably not cause anyone to write hateful comments about being a despoiler of books.
And tomorrow is water aerobics. Exercise is good for me. Penn and Teller are just wrong sometimes.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

thunder and lightning

Left work early yesterday after major lightning strikes near the building. Lost power, internet connection. Then waited a block from my house while the storm drain in front of my house cleared. Arrived at home to find no power there either. Yukky evening. Out of sorts. Went to bed early. Woke in the middle of the night to find power on and all the lights in the house on. Got up and turned everything off and tried to reset the alarms. Lucky I wake up at the same time every day.

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