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Sunday, August 13, 2006

celebrating from now till...

the end of the month, I think. Today was my day at study group. I got bags of all my favorite things from a bunch of my favorite people. I've known these ladies for ever and some have seen my daughter grow up and join the group, too. H made an appearance but he is such a crank if he's not eating that it's going to be hard to include him in the future. And he may burst if we don't figure out a way to keep him happy without eating.
Anyway, back to me! The presents were wonderful and varied. From basil flavored oil to green frog soap to a ceramic raku frog with markings from horsehair smoking. And everything green in between. My friends know me well and gave me things I love and can use in collage or put on the wall and enjoy. My daughter made flies for my frog collection - glass beads in the shape of little flies and one bead with tiny little flies on it. I got green yarn, green fabric, green handmade paper, green beads, green felt, and on and on. Utterly devine goodies.
This had been a year long project. Each month one of us was the recipient of wonderful things handmade especially for her or goodies gleaned from our stashes of endless supply. Some of us came up with signature gifts - one gal always included a cigar box for altering. Another always did wonderful little bundles and presentation techniques. One combined the wierd and most unusual things. I tried to make a special handmade book for each one with a different technique each month. Someone else was the ultimate shopper and found the most wonderful treasures perfectly suited to the honoree.
We've had fun sharing our stuff and giving gifts but we have only one more month and that will be the end of the cycle. We'll be doing a woven project next. Something we don't usually do!!! Each of us will weave a dozen napkins and we'll trade them around so that each of us will have a napkin in the style and handiwork of each of the others. It was first suggested by one of our circle who thought she might be moving away and she wanted something from each of us she would use every day. We were touched by her thought, but we didn't want to weave napkins! And we talked her out of moving away, too. LOL but now we think we will all enjoy a weaving project and it might as well be this one. We've giving ourselves a very long deadline.
I hope no one ever moves out of our circle.

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Saturday, August 05, 2006

weeds and gravel

This is going faster than I expected. This one is washed, dried and ironed. So the pattern is stronger looking now. medium_2006-08-05_on_the_road_samples.jpgWatching the news and doing the embellishing and they get to the part about El Paso flooding. So I had to stop and check on Rachel. They're fine. Then my daughter called. She was hoping for someone to eat dinner with. We had a great meal at a new Indo-Pakistani buffet and so I declined. Maybe we'll get together tomorrow.
So I may finish these tonight. We just had a wild thunder storm. It was all sunny and bright and the thunder was just booming. Then it poured for a short time. Now it's back to all sunny.

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Friday, August 04, 2006

on the road again

Local swatch swap almost done! medium_2006-08-04_On_the_road_sample_before_washing.jpg

Finished weaving enough of the shadow weave to get it ready for the exchange in three weeks. I have to wash and dry it and then cut it into 28 squares with tape to hold the edges from fraying. Then I plan to stitch some occasional springs of green grass and a few beads for gravel.

It's supposed to look like tire tracks in wet sand. What do ya think so far?
Yeah, I know, the grass and gravel will make or break it.

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Thursday, August 03, 2006

keeping one eye open

A little tired this morning. Stayed awake too long. Came downstairs earlier than usual, waiting on some photo pages to print and B told me his numbers weren't right. So I picked up the phone and announced that this is what one does when one has such numbers. The doctor called back and *I* had a good conversation with him. I would never have gotten all this information second hand. But I repeated everything to B. We followed doctor's advice and appreciated all his input as to what to do for several scenarios that might have developed ... but thankfully didn't. So I went to bed finally and didn't sleep well. Kept listening whenever I woke up. medium_2006-01-15_Surfacing_1.jpg
While I was waiting, I read a couple of magazines, did some weaving as I promised myself I would do and watched Project Runway. J had called to tell us cute stories about the grandbabies and happened to announce off screen that *it* was on to her husband and I yelled at B to change the channel quick. Anyway, the kids all went swimming and baby H had a really good time. Sorry I missed it. M is taking lessons but doesn't like to go underwater. I can relate! I still don't like it. I'm not a fish. Had a very bad intro to the pool when I was about her age. Journaled about it in a round robin we did.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

I'm a weaver today

Today I finished threading the On the Road Again swap. Actually did some weaving on it! Amazing that I can remember how. After the 27 samples are woven, I have to fix one little teensy tiny misthreading - which won't show on the samples at all - but would show in the towels I'll weave afterward. medium_2006-07-15.jpgI am ahead of the curve on this one. The paperwork is due August 1 and the samples have to be cut up and taken to the meeting three weeks later. Plenty of time.... I'm weaving shadow weave and it's supposed to look like tire tracks in the desert. There is an occasional green weft thread and I'll sew a couple of white or light blue seed beads to represent gravel.
B and I went to the movies this afternoon. Pirates of the Carribean II. Great effects. Silly story. Wonderful costuming and detail. The credits go on and on. The digital artists number in the hundreds, I think. They even listed Laborers! That's the notariety I want: to have "laborer" in foot high letters over my name for the ten or so people who sit through the credits because their friends say there is a surprise at the end. But I guess if even your name is on screen, there's some pleasure in it. I mean, consider blogging - your name on the screen for no particular reason.
Watered the lawn this morning and picked one lonely tomato. We'll be having pesto tomorrow, I think. The basil is getting pretty high. Now it looks like rain.
Planning an all art / all day event on Sunday, Sunday, Sunday. J will be coming over and we're hiding upstairs while grandpa babysits.