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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

a brand new bag

The wire warp is finished. Put away all the gold beads and the empty sack from the coins. The third purse will fly first class overnight. I can't believe I'm going to pay that much for a magazine submission ... but when you offer to "make one more variation..." you gotta come through if they call your bluff. Put your money where your mouth is, step up to the plate and all those other cliches. I like the other one I sent better in some ways, some ways this smaller gold one is better. In about three months, you can decide which you like, I'll post photos after I hear if it's going to appear in print.

At least I can move on and put the red warp on the loom now. It's been waiting in the wings on the warping board for more than a month. This will be the swatch swap sample and is due sometime in August. In between there will be the annual visit from my mom and my sister so this will probably be another deadline disaster.

And what the heck was I thinking for the structure? Something besides plain weave, I hope? Maybe satin stripes! That's it, I'm sure I was gonna do satin stripes with tabby in between.

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Monday, May 21, 2007

Sunday wrap up

Great dinner party on Saturday night: tapas and home brews at my daughter's home. The granddaughter came home with us for a sleep over and it was pancakes as usual for Sunday breakfast. She is really good at mixing now. She says she helps her mommy stir a lot. She slept right through the night on the floor - must have been that long soak in the tub playing with all the frog tub toys. She very politely asked me if she could play with "just one" of my new frogs. I asked which one and she pointed to one that was not fragile, so, of course, I agreed. So nice to have been asked first. Great progress.

On Sunday, the yard men moved heaven and earth for me. I'm working on a patio extension and there was an old stump that needed to be removed. They did a great job and moved some grass to a bald spot and placed the extra dirt in a valley near the back fence. Of course, it needs some tweaking by the designer - me, but the hard work is done. I have to come up with a nice surface treatment so we can put a table and chairs out there. No rush, summer is almost here and we won't be sitting out there in the heat.

My daughter and I went to a friend's house on Sunday. We were so intent on finishing her project of the mosaic table for her gazebo that I hardly noticed what everyone else was doing and missed most of the gossip.

Spent most of the rest of the weekend, typing frantically. Trying to smooth feathers and hold onto the reins of a runaway train of conversation.

The gold wire warp is calling to me. I have to pick up some supplies at Hobby Lobby and do the second prototype. The first is not working too well.

Monday, May 14, 2007

weaving actually

Finally threaded the little 2" wide gold wire warp and wove a small piece to make into a bag for an online group. It's done, now I really have to get busy on the real project.

But I'm going to make a date with myself to do it tomorrow. Tonight I have to finish putting the beads on some tiny little inchies for a swap. My husband (the grill king) used to be hesitant about commenting on my work. I'd show him something right off the loom and he'd say... are you going to cut that up into little pieces? I was always doing samples for one of the two newsletter I edited or for a swatch swap (I have dozens of books of samples). So now, I don't think I'm going to mention how small those little pieces have become.

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Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Workshop sample. Not perfect... forgot some of the appliques and some beads and didn't want to un-weave to correct them! The edge is not very graceful. An experiment and I didn't want to copy the leader's style. I may just trim it off evenly or wet them and try to get the ends to behave better.

The important point is it's done and I know I won't make another. Onward.

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

question the answers

Communication skills are not genetically hardwired in some people. I know it. I live with it everyday. I am a control freak. I know it. I live with it everyday. Just put the phone on speaker and let's all hear the same thing at the same time.

Now doesn't that feel better? Well, not really. We'll keep thinking we all know what's going on and be wrong again. Sigh. The good news is I got my house cleaner than usual today and hopefully my friend will be singing with her band on a day when I can go.

Lots of other good news: I wound a red striped warp for the swatch swap this summer entitled: We're all Gonna Dye. My daughter got her warp tyed on to the front beam and began weaving. The grill king had perfect weather for cooking today. I even did a little gardening before the whirlwind cleaning session. And I am about to finish up the birds fabric page. Hopefully before midnight.

My grandson thinks I'm the best. I pick him up when he cries and let him crawl around and get into things like the kitchen cupboards. They open and shut. Cool. He's working on standing alone but he still gets the hippy, hippy shakes and falls on his bottom.

Yesterday, we hit the dollar bins at the SuperTarget and found some good stuff. I'm not telling what, we may need to go back.