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Monday, October 30, 2006


Small piece from the workshop mounted on a leftover board from the brass tacks series. Better than being chucked in the back of the drawer with other workshop samples.

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night before

So the blood pudding is setting up in the frig. The candles and faces are all on the table in the front room. I was gonna carve the pumpkins, but I decided to go plain ole pumpkins and put them outside on a bench. Hopefully I won't come home to smashing pumpkins tomorrow night. The time change is such a bummer ... every year it catches me completely by surprise. Hate to drive home in the dark; it feels like the day is over before I'm done with it. Miss the squinting into the sunset.
I have six little projects to finish from the wire workshop this weekend. They're staring at me. The loom is staring at me. But the dead bees on the window sill are gone. A little cleaning up before the goblins come around. I've eaten a ton of candy already today - little bonus' from my boss. I told my husband to buy candy corn for us to give out. I hate candy corn. It can sprout before I'll touch it.
Halloween, thank goodness, only comes round once a year. Then again, I can't wait to see Dora the Explorer and her little monkey friend, Boots.

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Friday, October 20, 2006

so many projects

There should be more days in a weekend. I have a list a mile long. The weather is cooperating for now. It is cool and dry. I shut off the sprinklers cause we have definitely had enough rain to keep even the roof green. We once had a line of little trees growing in our gutters. B is not one to repeat a nasty chore, so he removed the gutters. No more rooftop saplings.
I wanna go buy some dirt. The planter boxes are sinking. The dirt has settled and been sucked up into the veggies I harvested this year. Finally gave up on the two year old tomato plant. The volunteer basil is still going, planting seeds for next year I hope. I have to lift some perenials before I refill them. It will take a lot of work. Have to pace myself.

Then there's the weaving, the soccer game, the harvest festival, two round robins to work on and we going to lunch at a new cajun place tomorrow.
We went back to the Sugar Shack. They're getting their act together. Very nice waitstaff tonight, fried green tomatoes as a lagniappe, corn doggers with syrup, shrimp was overcooked on my citrus salad but B's meatloaf was like Sunday potroast. They're going to be charging a cover for the entertainment on weekends but all we were subjected to was endless sound checks. I bet the place is jumping now.
Photos to unload tonight. I'm behind on that project.
Today work was quite pleasant. I got some things accomplished. Have a plan on next week's projects while my boss is gone.
Talked to my mom the other day. She tells me she is better. She always says that and I always wonder better than what? But she sounds good and cheerful. I use a handsfree phone to call on the way home and she asks where I am as we drive along. She can tell when we're almost home by the sound of the traffic. Sometimes I get stuck in traffic and that fools her into thinking I'm already parked in my driveway. Nope, just waiting my turn on the overhead, Mom.


Meeting last night was good. Sat and whispered with P while I knitted on my unplanned project. I like the yarn but I can't figure out what it will be when it grows up.
The program was great. Linda brought a ton of baskets from her collection and from her inventory for the upcoming sale. Makes me want to make baskets. Course, if I went to a nuke-u-lar physics presentation, I'd probably leave with an urge to make bombs. I get inspired easily when I hear people with a passion.

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Thursday, October 19, 2006

reality show

Put in 30 minutes at the loom and one hour knitting while I watched Project Runway last night.
The boss' day lunch went very well. More deadlines met and yet more ahead. Small crew working hard together. We all talked at once about our favorite reality shows over Mexican food and virgin marguaritas. Dancing with the Stars seems to be one of the other favorites. Some football player is reputed to be awesome in his dancing shoes. One of the group says her husband asked her if they could go take lessons. Talk about the power of the tube.
Tonight is the guild meeting. I have to take a snack and my knitting and my camera. I noticed a great patch of mushrooms beside the access road while I was stuck in traffic yesterday. Probably we will sail by at 60mph today.
I just got my order of bead backing. Sent some to J via my husband to her husband at work. It's a family smuggling system that works as long as they each remember to make the drop. Also sent her some more handwoven fabric. She's getting more ideas for sale items. She's threatening to staple M to the wall. I'm guessing it's pretty hard for a four year old to amuse herself when most of her toys are confiscated for not cleaning them up when told to. There's a ransom program (toys for good behavior) but I haven't heard about many exchanges. She's a tad stubborn. Some call it strong-willed, self confident, focused. I think M would do well if marooned on a island.

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