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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

what's step 2

This was about the third attempt at making glue paper or paper fabric or fabric paper - whatever you call it. Technique has been around for years, in a lot of books and magazines; I just never tried it. Don't know what I'm going to do with it next. It's fairly flexible. I was thinking about covering a small box.

Protect your worktable with freezer paper, shiny side up. Lay on a layer of scrim - mine was already a lavendar. Next I squirted on a wiggly line of very diluted Elmer's white glue and with a nasty old brush I spread that around on the fabric. Some wrinkles formed. I left them there. Dropped some space dyed cotton yarn here and there. Misted a bit of water on those. Crinkled up a piece of white tissue paper and sort of flattened it out again and laid that on top of the yarn. Sqiggled on more diluted glue and brushed that on. Nasty brush caught and tore the tissue a bit. Left it. Squirted on some Lumiere (russet), misted with more water and brushed that around some, more tearing. Left it to dry for 20 hours or so. Peeled it up off the freezer paper. Scanned it over a piece of red cardstock.

I have a lot of this scrim. I have a lot of tissue. I have a lot of yarn. I could turn this out plenty fast if I get a finished product idea firmed up....

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

all plans no action

I planned to stitch up a storm last night, but instead I watched the SofU speech. Monday morning, I fused some rusted fabric and other fabrics in ripped strips onto Peltex. It's going to be ATCs once I get it all quilted to death.

Last weekend was shorter than usual. We spent some time looking at dining sets. I want to replace our old one, it's falling apart and we can't seem to find what we want for the secret budget that the grill king has in mind. I would love a set of old library chairs. I think we should hit the flea markets next. We did see a wonderful granite table on powder coated aluminum at Sam's. It's an outdoor set - the chairs are comfortable but too huge for my dining room and our outdoor area doesn't require anything that fancy. So if we bought that for outside, I would be stuck with the old stuff in the house and you can't eat outside that many times during the year. It wouldn't be worth it. The table is way too heavy and would be impossible to move if it was in the dining room when we need more room for the holiday tree or whatever. Rats, I hate shopping.

Then the kids came over for grilled burgers and general messing about on Sunday. Grandkids are growing up too fast - I must take photos next time.

Sunday, January 20, 2008


uh-huh, those are purple frogs, ma'am. Like this one..

And here's the dress I made from this fabric back in the day....
Never throw your favorite stuff away. You can make new stuff with it.

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

perfect weather

We've been having sunny crisp days lately. Perfect for gardening, but I have no big outdoor planting projects planned for this year. Just waiting for the squirrels to finish tilling the raised beds looking for nuts.

I do want to finish the quarter circle patio, but we still have big tree roots to remove and a decision to be made on the kind of surface to put down. If we wait, the idea will come to us. Or I'll give up and just let the grass grow back.

There is what looks like an opening between my garden and the neighbor's that Peter Rabbit would have made. It is smooth from the belly of some animal who prefers to sneak under fences than run along the top rail. There is a ghostly white cat that creeps behind the garage occasionally when I drive in at night. Perhaps this is her escape route.

I finished some swapping projects this weekend. Struggled with the decorations - still more to put away. I know they multiply while out of the boxes. Every year I have to find more boxes to store them all. Cleaned out a drawer and tossed out some stuff and have to find homes for other things.

This afternoon we will be lunching at Chuck E. Cheese's table by invitation. Short people will be running around in circles, much screaming and giggling to be heard.

My grandson found a frog for me at Chuckie's place.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

big frog twinchies

Birthday frogs ready to hop out of town. These are two inch squares and I really am glad I finally bought some Peltex. Makes all the difference in the edge stitching. I thought it was some kind of fancy machine, or the right attachment or knowing the perfect technique - but no, it's just buying the right interfacing! I also used a dab of watered down glue at each corner before I trimmed the thread ends. Tidy counts when the piece is tiny.

The background was once a shirt which became a rag and sopped up some fabric paint a long time ago. I'm glad I finally found the perfect use for it.

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