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Sunday, January 20, 2008

the pecan wars

The squirrels were on alert with tails waving and squaking loudly when the grill king and I returned from having steaks (yea - meat grilled by others!) at the local Roadhouse.

This large raptor posed for a few closeups and then decided to look for his dinner elsewhere. He sailed towards the east keeping the fading sunlight behind him.

The squirrels settled down quickly. But not one of them promised to leave the pecans alone in return for saving their fluffy little tails.

We just saw Charlie Wilson's War and I'm thinking about keeping a list of favors owed.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

perfect weather

We've been having sunny crisp days lately. Perfect for gardening, but I have no big outdoor planting projects planned for this year. Just waiting for the squirrels to finish tilling the raised beds looking for nuts.

I do want to finish the quarter circle patio, but we still have big tree roots to remove and a decision to be made on the kind of surface to put down. If we wait, the idea will come to us. Or I'll give up and just let the grass grow back.

There is what looks like an opening between my garden and the neighbor's that Peter Rabbit would have made. It is smooth from the belly of some animal who prefers to sneak under fences than run along the top rail. There is a ghostly white cat that creeps behind the garage occasionally when I drive in at night. Perhaps this is her escape route.

I finished some swapping projects this weekend. Struggled with the decorations - still more to put away. I know they multiply while out of the boxes. Every year I have to find more boxes to store them all. Cleaned out a drawer and tossed out some stuff and have to find homes for other things.

This afternoon we will be lunching at Chuck E. Cheese's table by invitation. Short people will be running around in circles, much screaming and giggling to be heard.

My grandson found a frog for me at Chuckie's place.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

winter roses

Baby, it's cold outside so it must be time for my wild roses to shine.

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Saturday, November 10, 2007


The surprise lilies have been transplanted from their pot into the garden that is too shady for growing lettuce. I might as well enjoy blossoms if I can't grow my produce. These had been in a pot for more than a year - I was waiting till after their usual bloom season to transplant them. August and September passed with no flowers in the pot. But last month the leaves shot up just as they are supposed to and the pot was wall to wall leaves! Probably all the bulbs had survived the trauma of being crowded into the pot. Now each little bunch has plenty of room to spread their toes and grow. Next summer maybe I'll get more surprise blossoms. Here's how the ones looked in the front garden last September ... barely holding their own against the aggressive ferns.

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Thursday, November 08, 2007

not affiliated and dead cars

I have been using Picasa Web Albums to host my photos here since I was in danger of using up all my alloted free space on blogspirit.com with photo albums. But I only just downloaded their photo software (Picasa2) today and I am blown away by the way it works. It has lots of interesting features and editing capabilities and the fact that I can now upload an entire pile of photos instead of just five at a time is just the ultimate in time saving. Wish I had known that before I uploaded the cruise photos - I would have done all 283 of them instead of just 50 or so.... well, maybe that wouldn't be a good thing from your point of view?

Both our cars were dead this morning. I was two hours late for work and the grill king had to catch a ride with a co-worker. His was "fixed" while we were on the cruise but died about a mile from home. When he called me to rescue him, mine wouldn't start. So he called his garage to tow in the little truck and come give mine a jump start. The suspense is killing me. Will mine be dead again this evening when I try to start it after work? Film at 11:00. Seriously, I will take a photo of the darn thing sitting there not running if it comes to that. This could be the year I make it into a raised flower bed. I could easily calculate the amount of potting soil necessary. I'm thinking maybe, bananas in the middle seat so they could grow right up through the sunroof, daisies on the dashboard, and ivy trailing out the liftgate in the rear.

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