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Thursday, November 29, 2007

talk later

Nasty nose cold is wearing me down. I just realized I haven't taken my vitamins in ... well, a long time. No wonder. I'm trying to get things done so I can start on some gifts but it's doing slow. I hate slow.

Rat is not fond of ginger snaps, I guess. The trap is empty.

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Saturday, May 19, 2007


I'm taking mice to the potluck tomorrow. Little radishes and big radishes with little slices raised up for ears and the root left on for a tail. Cute and not too much trouble or too many calories.

It is one of the balmy weekends we get so rarely. No humidity to speak of, cool mornings and evenings. While babysitting, I walked my grandson around the block in his stroller last night before the mosquitos came out and it was wonderful. The rest of the kids went to see Shrek III and the report from the youngest was that it was great. She's a Shrekie!

This morning I did a little weeding, a little watering, a little admiring. My flowers are going great. The yellow daylilies are beginning now that the purples are midway done. The gardenias are all open now and some have dried up and fallen off. Color everywhere, not a lot but enough variety to make me happy when I walk in my garden. Oh, and the tomatoes are growing and need more staking. Of course. But the news is not that good on the zuchinni. Why do people moan about growing too many zuchinni? All you have to do is plant them in a semi-shady spot evidently, and you will never have the chore of harvesting any!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

day off

Spent the day hither and yon doing errands and appointments. Started off late because there must have been a power snafu overnight and we woke up to early morning daylight instead of NPR. It was a gorgeous day, windy and warm.

I got lots of little things done and still had time to stop for a visit and a game of Chutes and Ladders with my granddaughter. No one won. We just got tired of sliding down the chutes and starting over. She wanted to play "no rules" but I am thinking she needs to learn that when you play games with others (like in school) you need to play by the rules. I was gentle but firm and we both moaned whenever either of us had to slide down a chute. But still, it is not a fun game when you keep going back and forth over the same stretch of gameboard. It should be called Quicksand.

While waiting for my turn at several establishments today, I knitted. No one apparently knits anymore except in my little circle of friends. Many stares and comments, all positive of course.

Wasted some money at Hobby Lobby. Needed some things and bought some things I don't really need, but just looked like they might come in handy sometime. Some black bias tape that you iron in place until it is stitched. I've always wanted to try this. Also some extra machine needles. You can never have too many expecially when you sew through paper a lot.

The space dyed yarn is sitting near the warping board. Good sign. I may actually start measuring out the warp for the swatch swap soon. But first I need a plan.

Monday, April 09, 2007


I'm tired now. Just got back from water aerobics. Talked to my mom for a bit this evening. Everything's fine. The grill king is back at work and says he feels fine and all stats are pretty much normal.
But I'm feeling ragged around the edges. Attended a funeral for a friend today. There was a sellout crowd but only three (including me) got up to say anything about her. The pastor talked about all the many facets of her personality and one of other two speakers said how she only knew a small part of what was said about her. That's true for all of the weavers who came - we none us of knew about many of the other interests she had. She played musical instruments and sang in several groups. Amazing - I never heard her sing. We knew her as a meticulous weaver. Her weavings sung to me, I guess you could say.
It just seems too soon for her to go. Someone will have to inventory her yarn and her looms. She probably has it all carefully stored. I doubt she had the indecent abundance I have shoved in my closets. She even wove up the sample skeins from a dye workshop she attended. Most everyone else just hung theirs on the wall to fade in the sunlight. She wore hers around her shoulders proudly. A shawl of many colors.
She sometimes overwhelmed people with her explanations of how things worked and I sort of remember her saying something like: I guess I should just shut up now. I talk too much. And then we'd all laugh. No, Marji, you didn't talk enough.

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Thursday, March 22, 2007


It's going to hurt tomorrow but tonight I feel pretty good. A nice workout in the pool. She really keeps up a fast pace for 45 minutes. I've squeezed muscles I didn't know I had. My goal is not to cause a draft when I make tiny circles while my arms are out straight at shoulder level.

These are the azaleas in the back beside the garage. I can see them from the windows in the back of the house. The previous owner had put all these lovely azaleas up under the bathroom window in the back. Hidden from the street and from any window in the house. I moved them years ago when we first had foundation work done. The only one to die was one I left in its original location. They are gorgeous and deserve to be the focal point of any yard. Every year when they bloom I wish I had put one up front instead of the white ones which look dirty brown two days after they open.

There will be peace and calm soon. I can feel it. I will get caught up with filing. I may even file our tax return in the next couple of weeks.

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