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Thursday, November 08, 2007

not affiliated and dead cars

I have been using Picasa Web Albums to host my photos here since I was in danger of using up all my alloted free space on blogspirit.com with photo albums. But I only just downloaded their photo software (Picasa2) today and I am blown away by the way it works. It has lots of interesting features and editing capabilities and the fact that I can now upload an entire pile of photos instead of just five at a time is just the ultimate in time saving. Wish I had known that before I uploaded the cruise photos - I would have done all 283 of them instead of just 50 or so.... well, maybe that wouldn't be a good thing from your point of view?

Both our cars were dead this morning. I was two hours late for work and the grill king had to catch a ride with a co-worker. His was "fixed" while we were on the cruise but died about a mile from home. When he called me to rescue him, mine wouldn't start. So he called his garage to tow in the little truck and come give mine a jump start. The suspense is killing me. Will mine be dead again this evening when I try to start it after work? Film at 11:00. Seriously, I will take a photo of the darn thing sitting there not running if it comes to that. This could be the year I make it into a raised flower bed. I could easily calculate the amount of potting soil necessary. I'm thinking maybe, bananas in the middle seat so they could grow right up through the sunroof, daisies on the dashboard, and ivy trailing out the liftgate in the rear.

Thursday, September 06, 2007


You never know when opportunity will smack you in the face. Wow, a new vehicle, a new job, the open road, I'm a very experienced driver ... exciting to think about.
You know I'd like to own a new vehicle and my loom would certainly fit in the back of this truck. Wish I could read that phone number....

Saturday, March 31, 2007

no gardening today

The rain came down so hard before dawn that my husband got up and moved his little truck from its usual parking place on the street (where it always floods) up into the driveway behind my car.

I won't be gardening today. Way too much rain. The radio had a weather alert going when it came on at its usual time. I loaded things into the closet and sat in there for a few minutes sewing while I waited for the storm to pass. Wasn't really a tornado warning, just a really noisy storm.

Another thing that won't be happening today is the grill king won't be cooking. When it's raining, it usually falls on my me (literally) to grill. Family joke: if it's raining on the weekend, I must have planned to grill meat for dinner. But actually, today we are invited to a pilaf dinner at my daughter's home. So no one will be drenched in pursuit of the perfect steak.

I have made progress on the little sundress for my granddaughter. The bodice is assembled and lined. The next step is a fitting tonight to be sure it will be okay. If she doesn't like it, I've only lost three years of dreaming about it and about three hours of sewing time.

I think it's a bit big around, but that won't bother me or her mom any. We're not into putting small children into costumes that are more suited to street walkers than cute little kids. I'm hoping to use some of my hot pink handwoven fabric for some accessories to go with the dress. Just have to pace myself...and work carefully. My worst mistakes are made in the haste of the moment.

Since the weather seems to portend a long day inside, I hope to get some cleaning done, too. But there are also the taxes that should be taken care of. Yuk.

Saturday, February 03, 2007


Today the nasty little truck went back to the shop. Been smoking a lot more than usual lately. To refresh your memory, the little truck had a problem last September . Towards the end of the post. Then we gave it a patch and the little truck promised to quit smoking.

More intervention is needed. Little Truck's proud owner is now reading up on new(er) cars. He'll never buy a "new" car. I just listen. He hates to pay out big bucks. The mileage on the hybrids look good to him. I'm just listening. But they want too much for them. Hmmm. Must be because they are in demand. So instead we will buy a cheap vehicle which will be cheap because no one else wants it. Makes perfect economic sense. To someone.

So now we'll go grocery shopping to fill out the menu of swiss fondue and things to dunk in it. The grilled steak chef moves onto dairy products.

Sometime today I have to get a round robin on travel finished. I have a plan.... I mailed off squares of flannel for a group quilt I've organized. And I sent my mom her birthday present early. And yesterday, I mailed postcards to the
Heart-2-Heart project. It's almost too late unless you send them overnight on Monday.

And the guest room needs roto-rooting.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

another fine mess

My daughter wants to do a collaboration and I said I would and threw out some ideas and she latched onto one about family memories from different points of view. I am now in total angst about this. Emailed her I didn't want to bare all, some things are better left unsaid, could we start slow with superficial memories and see how it goes....
I'm just beginning to gain ground here as the mother who was right about a few things ... after all. She is learning to see life from the point of view of a mother of a daughter. Some truths are just painful. And really, memories aren't always true!!!
Too late, I'm in. We're starting.

On another messy subject, I went on-line, researching Venus vs. Mars. And I found credible evidence that the background I am using is really Venus when seen with infared imaging! So there. NASA did a lot of that kind of photos on the Venus missions. And their site says you can use their photos but not their logo, other restrictions apply, read the fine print, etc. So onward. I'm labeling the back and sending them off into the cosmos - hopefully to arrive at Daune's house on time.

I plowed through the top layer on my desk and made neat piles of things I really shoulda, gotta, havta get done. One pile is the puzzle piece sign-in from the Some Assembly Required round robin along with the cover embellishments for the art journal by the same name. I have made progress there! No photos yet.
Then I have some recipe cards to finish. And I'm putting away the basket materials until next summer. I have to have a project to finish at the next pool party. It would be sillly to finish it before then. I'd just have to start another.

My husband's little truck has been arrested. It was caught polluting on the highway and will cost more than he paid for it to make the engine acceptable. He'll never drive to lunch in this town again. So guess where it will be headed. To the junk yard or worse, further south. There is always a parade on Friday evening of small trucks towing small trucks full of stuff heading for the border. Vehicles that are unacceptable here will always have a market somewhere. I would prefer them to junk it. I can't tell you how many times he found notes on his windshield asking if he wanted to sell this little truck. Men knock on the front door of the house to ask if the truck parked out front is for sale. He shoulda sold it long ago. Now it's a liability. But at least we now know the dollar limit on what he thinks is okay to spend on repairs!
So car shopping this weekend. Finding something that is economic on fuel but comes in his size will be a challenge.

Did anyone else see the new flavor of Oreos? Dulce de Leche. OMG! Save yourself. Find the nearest exit. You will thank me later.