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Sunday, November 25, 2007

long weekend - long post

Four day weekends are grand. I could use one of these every month. I worked so hard yesterday, I am sore from head to toe today. I tried to work smart - lots of things going at once: the printer, the laundry - while I carried the holiday decorations downstairs with each run down to check the laundry or up to check on the printer. I have just about all the album pages printed for the Art Camp gang.

I found a new paper called ViaStone. I am not affiliated. But it looks pretty good and is not made from trees. Maybe it's recycled? I dunno, the labeling is kind of secretive. I also bought ink of the new Vivera Plus variety. Looks better than usual. But the old one was completely out of yellow so I couldn't do a side by side comparison.

I also worked on my homework for a virtual class in art quilts that I signed up for last week. It is a two way learning opportunity. We are learning while the teacher learns about how her virtual class software works with input from us. Fun!

Cleaned up selected areas around the house and in my workroom, too. But something always bursts out of place when I do that. Like fabric when you're looking for just the right scrap of color. And dishes seem to pile up when the grill king takes control of the shopping and cooking but not the cleaning. Never mind, he does a really nice steak and we had pumpkin pie with pumpkin sauce on top and pumpkin sauce on ice cream and cheesecake and pumpkin sauce as dip for ginger snaps as well. We are heavy into desserts right about now and seem to have a self perpetuating container of pumpkin sauce.

The granddaughter is painting pictures (and sniffing) while I type. She has a cold but the Boogie boy was better last night. Not so cranky and needy and he ate a better dinner than he did the last couple of times at bat. Usually there is more around the bull pen than in the strike zone.

This is the Boogie Zone of the tree.

She and I decorated the tree last night. She caught on quick that some things can't be hung down low since we'll have a toddler in and out of the house over the next month or so. So with each ornament, she asked, "Can this go in the Boogie Zone?"or "This one will be fine in the Boogie Zone!" Some things are too fragile, some things are too tiny, some things are too precious, some things have special memories. She loved pulling things out of the boxes, some she remembered from last year. She liked hearing about the things that her mom had made a long time ago and reading the years written on them as though it were so long ago...1986???? Wow!

One of the reason my muscles are sore is that I tried to come with a way to wind a warp that wouldn't strain my shoulders. Instead the muscles on the top of my theighs are aching! I put the warping board on the trunk and tied it leaning against the weaving bench for support. Then I sat on the sofa and wound the top part while standing and then sat down to wind the bottom half and so I was constantly sitting down and standing up. Quite an aerobic method. My shoulders are okay, but man, going up and down the stairs today is killing me. It's always something, isn't it, Rosannadanna?

One of the round robin collages came to me on Friday. I'm the last stop on this one. I was gonna think about it but they really are like a monkey on my back. Once I see them I can't seem to stop thinking about them till I add something. This one needed some buttons and some Shiva paintstiks to carry the colors around the whole piece. I think it looks super. I wish I could post it a scan of it but since it's a collaborative piece I'm not sure of the protocol on this. I should ask that group what they think.

I missed a frog last Friday so here's one to satisfy your need for green.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

and another one

Just couldn't go to sleep with this one sitting on my worktable. I finally found the perfect additions after auditioning everything or almost everything in the house. I'm happy to let this move on now. I added the negative strip and shrink plastic portrait, the magazine skyline and words below it. Also rubbed a bit of copper on the scrim.

Huge rain storm today. After I spent the morning moving the hose around the house watering. I swear it was a perfectly clear morning and no rain in sight. We spent the afternoon taking down the weaver's show. I didn't sell much of my stuff. I guess an etsy shop is the next project. But overall, the show was successful - very close to the best dollar volume to date and the venue was much better than the last few years.

time passing

This collage is now going to the next member of the group - Time passing...

I added the mica chip over the clockface, the hourglass on the clockface, the green circle "behind" the clockface and the inchie face over on the right. I'm really enjoying the collage round robin. I can't get to sleep until I've done the one that arrives that day. My mind goes immediately into overdrive.

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Monday, September 10, 2007

co-op quilt

This is the work-in-progress photo of the cooperative quilt. I've done the assembly and the quilting. All that's left is the binding and the quilting on the border. And of course, to hear the announcement of the birth of the little one. Wow, I could be finished before the blessed event. It's a surprise, so I'll tell you who made what blocks later. You never know who's reading the same blogs.... I don't have that many friends who are pregnant, though.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

it's about time

My spread in an altered book round robin entitled Time. Webster defined time as "every moment that ever has been or ever will be." I thought it was pretty poetic for a dictionary definition.

Do you ever struggle to match your style to the style in the round robin and fail? I have so many times, I am beginning to think this will be the last round robin I sign up for. I just find it hard to work outside my comfort zone. Feelings of inadequacy creep in. I can see when my work sticks out like a sore thumb. I had about a dozen ideas for Time and this is the one I finally settled on, since it fit in the best with at least most of the spreads done by the talented ladies in this group.

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