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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

no fruit

Blackberry Lilies

These are wonderful flowers. Only need a little help standing upright when it rains so much. Each day one or two blossoms open and then when they are done, they twist themselves tightly closed as you can see in the close up.

Afterward, the seed pod that grows looks exactly like a blackberry only not juicy and tasty. The birds ignore them and I haven't noticed any volunteers so I'm not sure what is happening to the seeds. Perhaps this year I should try to collect some and watch their progress closely.

I emptied another bobbin on the swatch swap warp tonight and filled another to be ready for the next weaving urge that hits.

I am a bit bothered by people who wait till the last minute and change their idea around and then wonder why they can't possibly finish a nice project in that fashion. A group project started months ago and simple enough but now some can't remember just what it was they were supposed to do and others say they simply forgot they had the item in their possession for five days and did nothing with it. Three reminders and three answers of, oh yeah, I'll bring that in to you. Hmm.

I don't really care if they look the fool next week. I don't plan to swoop in and save the day. I've completed my contribution. Let the rest of the pages be blank. Perhaps we can call it a "do-it-yourself" birthday gift?

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

maybe like this

The February journal quilt could be about my potentially huge crop of sugar snap peas. My gardening prowess - green thumb - accidental gardening. Maybe even the possibility of getting my granddaughter to like eating them if we call them sugar snaps and forget about the pea part in the name. She ate lettuce last weekend and that's green and it wasn't just iceberg! Big green leaves doused in ranch dressing. But green, nonetheless.