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Sunday, December 30, 2007

old stuff

I've been spending a lot of time on the computer lately but it's not something you'll notice here. About four years ago, we became the keeper of a box of family photos and I sorted some and scanned some right away and then got distracted. Now we have to take the box back and so I have been madly scanning. Staying up till all hours and my eyes are bleary but I have over 200 scans done. I was picky - only scanning the ones that appealed to me either in quality of photo or importance of the subject. I have come to realize that my husband's grandfather had a wonderful camera and took amazing photos that were printed in a quality lab. His photos are clear, sharp and very high resolution. He framed the shots beautifully. Wish I knew more about him.

This photo is of my father-in-law about 1928 in the Arizona desert.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

scanning & printing

My big gift this year was a new printer. I sent a link to one I was interested in and the grill king got it at a good price. At least for the initial investment. I've printed less than 50 pages and it has slurped up at least $50 dollars worth of ink. Time to look for deals on ink refills. The quality is wonderful. We will keep the old one on the network for the odd printout of a receipt.

Christmas 1961

While the new printer has been churning out photo album pages, I've been scanning family photos that have been waiting for four or five years to be done. Suddenly that is priority and it's taking me away from other fun stuff. But I'm glad to have most of it done. One or two more nights of the midnight oil and I'll have everything I want and be able to return the box when we drive north next weekend.

Hoping for sunny skies like we've had for past weekend.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Sometimes in a frenzy, sometimes in awe, we opened our presents on Christmas Eve. Many of them handmade with love and thoughtfulness. The store bought ones selected carefully to please the recipient no end.

My English muffins from scratch turned out great. The grill king did his magic in the evening. We toured the neighborhood to see the lights. The travelers are off today on visits to family in other states. The weather here is beautiful and crisp. We are quietly getting to know our new toys today and enjoying the sweet goodies leftover from yesterday. Later I'll try another new recipe, crab cakes with wasabi mayo and we may even go to the movies.

I've been emptying a bobbin every day at the loom and feeling very virtuous about it. Also, finished off the coffee cup cuff that J started yesterday. One last gift for the coffee enthusiast in Fort Worth. I also got a little time at my work table. All in all, I'm enjoying the long weekend and not looking forward to going back in to the office. At least, things are at a stand still because everyone else in the world is taking long vacations and no business other than retailing is taking place. The phones will be quiet. Hopefully, no crisis will occur until 2008.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

the green eyes have it

All day at work, the suitcase was on my mind. Flew to the store after working till past 9 pm, walked in when someone walked out - I'm sure the doors were already locked. Went directly to MY bag, did not pass GO, then to the case register and charged it. The cashier was laughing to see me again buying the bigger green case. She said she was glad I came back to get it before it was gone! People in the line ahead of me admired my good taste. I was wearing a lime green shirt. Another lady in line was also dressed in lime and we chatted about green. Me gusta mucho cosas verdes! What a sweetie.

I have no idea where I will store this one. It's big enough to live in. I could be a bag lady on the street. A very fashionable bag lady with all my frogs in my green luggage on wheels. No stolen shopping cart for me.

For now, it's beside the Christmas Tree - too big to fit under it. Merry Christmas to me! Thank you to everyone who commented.

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Monday, November 19, 2007

home again

Thick fog blanketed our neighborhood this morning as I followed the little truck to our favorite mechanic's shop. My mini-van this time. Electrical problems. Old age, hardening of the circuitry, no doubt.
We rented a car over the weekend to drive up north to see the grill king's mom in her new digs. Nice place, a little smaller than the last one, feels more like a care facility. There's a person at the front desk and aides come in to refill her water glass and dole out her medicine. But she is doing well by all indications. We visited a long time on Saturday and almost took her out for brunch yesterday, but she decided it would not be a wise choice for her.
I worked on my July journal quilt, stitching on squares and rectangles of fabric I had selected before our cruise. All red, white and blue. I was planning to place a red sparkly net over the top and FMQ it but the net makes the white parts go pinkish - not what I was going for at all. I may try for a gold net now that I'm at home. Anyway the squares are all down, raw edged and handstitched in bold embroidery thread. I want to put some foiling on it, too.
While we were driving, we listened to a sci-fi fantasy book on CD and took a back way into the big city. Pleasant drive. A stop for kolaches in West, Texas on the way north and a stop at Dairy Queen for a shake on the way home. Road trip traditions.
I crocheted a goddess figure. I have to finish her arms - tiny little arms and then stuff her and decide what else she needs. So I started two new projects!

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