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Saturday, May 05, 2007


Gelatin is the base for creating a monoprint which is then pressed onto fabric or paper. The gelatin is about 3/8 to a half inch think and harder than a Jello Jiggler. The recipe is one part gelatin powder to four parts water. This was made on a glass sheet with clay as the damn around the edges. I am going to try it myself by pouring it into a Teflon coated baking sheet. The smooth bottom side is the printing side. Apply acrylic paint sparingly with a brush or foam brush to the gelatin and than press on texture tools to remove some of the paint. I drew on the gelatin with a wooden stick to remove some of the paint. You get a lot of detail in the print that you probably wouldn't get by applying the paint directly to the fabric. You can also paint on a textured object and then touch it to the gelatin for a positive imprint and then press the gelatin onto the fabric. The green in the photo is just some polarfleece I used to pad the surface for the printing.
I am so scattered right now, I put all this away for now as I can't think of a project that I want to start right now and I would be simply printing on things at random with no plan in mind. I just wanted to save this technique in my blog memory.

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Monday, July 17, 2006

coloring inside the lines

Here's a way to use Fabric Crayons (no, I don't sell them).

I stamped three frogs on cotton fabric and one on a small piece of tracing paper.

Then I flipped the tracing paper over and colored the frog yellow.

Placed the tracing paper over one frog on the fabric with the color against the fabric and pressed according to the directions on the packaging.

You can iron the tracing paper again on a different frog, but the next impression will be slightly lighter. You can add more crayon and iron again. Change the color and iron again. Color using texture under the tracing paper to get a texture in the color on the fabric.
According to the directions, the color will fade a bit unless you wash it carefully and don't heat it in the dryer or re-iron it.
This technique will work on other images besides frogs, but why would you want to?

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