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Monday, November 27, 2006

no more whine box

This is the wine gift box that has been in my UFO's list for a while. I'm getting rolling on it again with a little help from my friends. I have three round shelves drying right now and I'm working on shelf suports.

Nasty Monday weather. Rotten start to the week, running all over town to pick up equipment forgotten. Rainy, dark drive home. Turned on the Christmas lights as soon as I came in. And hung some new ornaments on the tree. Now to work on some more projects and hit the sack early.

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Saturday, August 26, 2006

reading is believing

It's not real until you've blogged it.
The vacuuming got done as promised and the usual demucking of the kitchen. And the round robin piece is packed up and ready to go in the mail. No Garbo stamps on hand, bummer. I made an a pretty envelope to send it in. A page out of a wallpaper sample book, taped together. Found a pen in the perfect ink to write the addresses. I'd post a photo of it, but I don't want to show the addresses. Maybe I'll do it anyway and smooge it out.medium_2006-08-25.jpg
Wait here while I go downstairs. Hum something to occupy yourself.
Oh, this was easier, just took a pic of the back side! Pretty envelope, huh? I would hate it on the walls though.
The beginning of the "letters I've written" round robin is drying. I'm thinking about sending three loose pieces and a journal. Images are okay, but I think this group likes to write a bit, too. Anyway, I'm going to give them the option.
Just got back from getting my hair cut. The stylist had straight black hair and I was sure she would *get it.* She cut it okay, but she kept trying to get the ends to turn under. No way. Applied goop and heat. Brushed and rolled. Still pretty straight. She felt defeated. I wasn't surprised. But at least it's fluffier than usual. Going to party tonight in my new jeans and fresh haircut. Hmm, I'll probably wear a shirt of some sort or other. And a smile.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

bug quilt is done

The fat lady has sung. The ants have crawled across to write his name and I can't find any more spots that need more hand stitching. I am going to toss it in the wash and then I have to give it to my daughter. It's time he bonded to it. medium_2006-08-23_Hunters_quilt_done_005.jpg His big sister loves her quilt and pillow. She knows it's hers and she makes up her bed with it on top - when she makes her bed.
The good news is that I still get to make a little pillow too. But that will be easy. I have a bunch of squares I started before I really had my burst of energy making the whole quilt at once. I will use those to make the pillows and then I have to get J to hang the matching wall piece that we made in the round robin. Trouble is the little guy doesn't really have his own room yet. He sleeps whereever. Sometimes on mommy, sometimes in the swing, occasionally in his basinet. The crib isn't even put together yet.
But wait, I don't have to part with it yet! I see from the photo, I need to stitch some around the ants. I love the wrinkly effect of handquilting and it's not wrinkly in the light corner. Yay, more stitching to do tonight.

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

hate when that happens

I remember having a great spiral idea for the next 3Gs + DC round and it's gone tonight when I am ready to work. Obviously it was so good, I thought I would never forget it. Darn. I'm just going to work on something else and maybe it will become real again.

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Sunday, August 20, 2006

suddenly it's raining

and the sun is still shining out there. Good thing I finished my *sun* printing before lunch. I had no idea it was going to rain when I looked at the lawn and thought, hmmm, does it need water again! Yes, I guess it did. But I think I left the little wing windows open on the car. Bummer.
Movie Review: Go see Little Miss Sunshine. Just go. Laugh out loud funny. The teenager in it reminds me of my nephew W. But only in a good way. B thought of W also.
Then we did dinner at Friday's. The bodyguard is on duty again, now three days in a row. Even though there are chocolate frogs in the freezer.
Been working on things for the fall sale. Taking too much time for too little money - again.
So now in the time it has taken to type this and I do 80 wpm, the rain has stopped pouring down. I'll go out and dry off the back seat now.

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