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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

all plans no action

I planned to stitch up a storm last night, but instead I watched the SofU speech. Monday morning, I fused some rusted fabric and other fabrics in ripped strips onto Peltex. It's going to be ATCs once I get it all quilted to death.

Last weekend was shorter than usual. We spent some time looking at dining sets. I want to replace our old one, it's falling apart and we can't seem to find what we want for the secret budget that the grill king has in mind. I would love a set of old library chairs. I think we should hit the flea markets next. We did see a wonderful granite table on powder coated aluminum at Sam's. It's an outdoor set - the chairs are comfortable but too huge for my dining room and our outdoor area doesn't require anything that fancy. So if we bought that for outside, I would be stuck with the old stuff in the house and you can't eat outside that many times during the year. It wouldn't be worth it. The table is way too heavy and would be impossible to move if it was in the dining room when we need more room for the holiday tree or whatever. Rats, I hate shopping.

Then the kids came over for grilled burgers and general messing about on Sunday. Grandkids are growing up too fast - I must take photos next time.

Friday, November 30, 2007

dryer vent

The vent cover was laying on the driveway this morning when I left for work. I placed a bucket in front of the rat-sized doorway to my house. We'll see if it's moved when I get home tonight.

Update: The grill king re-attached the vent cover and declared that no rats could possibly have entered or left by this tunnel. Obviously the cover just leapt off the brick wall unassisted. No sign of the rat in the house. Ginger snaps remain untouched. Must try homemade cookies next time.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

skipping over Monday

If you just pretend that Monday doesn't arrive immediately afterward, then it was a very nice weekend. My daughter stayed the night on Saturday and we went to a weaver's meeting on Sunday. We shopped for stuff we really needed and what do you know, there they were the four chartreuse napkins I've been "needing" for years and on sale for ten cents each. I woulda bought a dozen but there were only four.

Then we stayed up late and she stitched on a shibori project while I cleaned up the floor of my workspace and put a binding on the quilt journal for May. I woke up Sunday morning feeling pukey but decided it wasn't a big deal and we went on to the meeting after putting the stitched scarf into soda ash to soak. We had a great time with the weavers and I put some beads on the journal quilt while she did a dynamite sunprint on a large piece of fabric which she will probably use in a pieced kimono style jacket. I hope she posted a photo of it. I kind of ran out of energy toward the end of the afternoon and when I dropped her off, the kids were wild and crazy. The grandson wanted to get picked up and get down and get picked up and get down. I bet he still has a tummy ache.

Monday I stayed in bed. Wish I was there still.

Friday, October 05, 2007

I will not forward emails

I will not forward emails. I will not forward emails. I will not forward emails.

Picture that in chalk 1000 times. That's what I'm doing tonight. I should be sleeping since I fly tomorrow morning. But no, I'm having a nervous breakdown right now.

Update Saturday morning. Slept badly, a blood vessel in my eye has burst from tension and headache, no doubt. Received email from injured party who accepted my apology and was cheerfully gracious about my goof. Wish I had stayed awake to get that last night. Never mind, I'm away now with a lighter heart.

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Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Seems my old hotmail account is going to die soon. Can't access the server at home even though I was able to at work today.

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