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Saturday, February 02, 2008

packing and shopping

So now she will sit around and be nervous until I take her to the Post Office for her flight to Australia. Her bag is packed, she has a hostess gift, a little money and her passport.

I couldn't sit and hold her hand while she fretted about whether this was a going to be an easy hop or not, so I went shopping.

Picked up a bunch of stuff at the dollar store for prizes for Art Camp. My daughter and I are in charge of the challenge this year. Thrums. You have to use 'em to make something. If you're not a weaver, thrums are the leftover strings when you've finished a project and are cutting it off the loom. There is about a half yard of waste at the end of the warp and it can be quite a big handful - always seems a shame to toss it out, so we are challenging the weavers to make something of it. It's long enough to stitch with, make tassels with, lots of things. You never throw anything away, right? so you know.

The prizes are going to be really neat. We got a bunch of stuff and we're going to.... well, it has to be a surprise. I'll let you know later. Even take photos. But you'll have to wait until March.

The other thing I'm working: ATCs to send out for birthday RAKs. I've already sent two out for the early ones, but these are getting a little more futz on them. Having a good time.

Waited all weekend to post this photo. Trouble in paradise. But it's all right now....

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

so now it's raining

The grass is getting a slow soak. The traffic is a mess or so NPR says. The glue is not drying upstairs. My new shoes are suede. Rain is only welcome once in a while. This looks like the start of another monsoon.

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

perfect weather

We've been having sunny crisp days lately. Perfect for gardening, but I have no big outdoor planting projects planned for this year. Just waiting for the squirrels to finish tilling the raised beds looking for nuts.

I do want to finish the quarter circle patio, but we still have big tree roots to remove and a decision to be made on the kind of surface to put down. If we wait, the idea will come to us. Or I'll give up and just let the grass grow back.

There is what looks like an opening between my garden and the neighbor's that Peter Rabbit would have made. It is smooth from the belly of some animal who prefers to sneak under fences than run along the top rail. There is a ghostly white cat that creeps behind the garage occasionally when I drive in at night. Perhaps this is her escape route.

I finished some swapping projects this weekend. Struggled with the decorations - still more to put away. I know they multiply while out of the boxes. Every year I have to find more boxes to store them all. Cleaned out a drawer and tossed out some stuff and have to find homes for other things.

This afternoon we will be lunching at Chuck E. Cheese's table by invitation. Short people will be running around in circles, much screaming and giggling to be heard.

My grandson found a frog for me at Chuckie's place.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Sometimes in a frenzy, sometimes in awe, we opened our presents on Christmas Eve. Many of them handmade with love and thoughtfulness. The store bought ones selected carefully to please the recipient no end.

My English muffins from scratch turned out great. The grill king did his magic in the evening. We toured the neighborhood to see the lights. The travelers are off today on visits to family in other states. The weather here is beautiful and crisp. We are quietly getting to know our new toys today and enjoying the sweet goodies leftover from yesterday. Later I'll try another new recipe, crab cakes with wasabi mayo and we may even go to the movies.

I've been emptying a bobbin every day at the loom and feeling very virtuous about it. Also, finished off the coffee cup cuff that J started yesterday. One last gift for the coffee enthusiast in Fort Worth. I also got a little time at my work table. All in all, I'm enjoying the long weekend and not looking forward to going back in to the office. At least, things are at a stand still because everyone else in the world is taking long vacations and no business other than retailing is taking place. The phones will be quiet. Hopefully, no crisis will occur until 2008.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

three for one

Before I put the binding on it, I looked at the July journal quilt and decided my daughter was right. It wasn't really me and so I cut the darn thing up. So now I have finished a completely different project and one with a deadline. With a little tweaking, this will become my postcards for the Romance swap. They're mostly red, with hearts on each one of the three. I printed out a card stock back and fused and stitched it on. They are ready to be mailed. I should probably hit them with a bit of spray sealer since it is inkjet printing and it's raining here again. More photos later after the tweaking.

On Sharon B's CQ blog (see link in my right sidebar), she is looking for comments to help her decide on her 2008 challenge. She has a large readership and motivates a lot of people to stitch more. I put in my vote for a finishing-up-projects kind of a challenge but mostly the votes are going in the pocket of a design thing. I want to see the hanging chad on this ballot. Oh, well, I suppose I must struggle on alone in my quest to find the bottom of the stack of the stuff I want to finish.

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