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Thursday, January 10, 2008

progress report

About half of the fabric has been woven for the napking exchange due last December. I stopped in the middle of the warp so I could get some hemmed and traded this week. Not everyone else is done yet either so I just have to keep pace with other slackers. The fabric feels dreamy soft - would have made a heavenly baby blanket. There isn't enough on the cone for that though. 30 epi was the perfect setting for this twill though it looked a little rough on the loom.

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Sometimes in a frenzy, sometimes in awe, we opened our presents on Christmas Eve. Many of them handmade with love and thoughtfulness. The store bought ones selected carefully to please the recipient no end.

My English muffins from scratch turned out great. The grill king did his magic in the evening. We toured the neighborhood to see the lights. The travelers are off today on visits to family in other states. The weather here is beautiful and crisp. We are quietly getting to know our new toys today and enjoying the sweet goodies leftover from yesterday. Later I'll try another new recipe, crab cakes with wasabi mayo and we may even go to the movies.

I've been emptying a bobbin every day at the loom and feeling very virtuous about it. Also, finished off the coffee cup cuff that J started yesterday. One last gift for the coffee enthusiast in Fort Worth. I also got a little time at my work table. All in all, I'm enjoying the long weekend and not looking forward to going back in to the office. At least, things are at a stand still because everyone else in the world is taking long vacations and no business other than retailing is taking place. The phones will be quiet. Hopefully, no crisis will occur until 2008.

Monday, December 17, 2007


I'm weaving with a little help yesterday from my granddaughter. She stood in front of me and pushed the pedals while I reached around her and threw the shuttle. She also wanted to weave on the tiny table loom, so we did that too.

The napkin saga is long and twisted. I missed the deadline but only a fourth of the members of the group were done. Sharp words and many back room conversations. Are we having fun yet?

I gave a program a few years back on Don't Let Friends Weave Overshot. Included in the discussion was the lecture to not join a weaving exchange as nothing about it would go smoothly. The audience laughed but went ahead with their planned project and foolishly I have never heeded my own sage advice.

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

weaving on wednesday

and Thursday.

Heddles are threaded, denting the reed now. Not photogenically exciting right now. Ivory cotton warp, 30 ends per inch, straight draw. Not even worth a saved pixel.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

party weekend

A very good weekend. Holiday parties on both weekend nights and a matinee performance of the Nutcracker at a local small theater. Gifts given and received. Good food consumed. Stories told and retold. Another tooth lost.

Some progress made on several different gifts, some shopping accomplished. Heddles shifted from shaft to shaft on the loom so I can begin threading. Some of this ivory warp may be used to make something to put on a holiday card.... mmm, wonder what it will be?

Pineapple sage. Doesn't smell as sweet in the winter, but it just keeps on blooming when the weather swings from hot and muggy to cold and icy and back again all in the month of December.

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