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Sunday, December 24, 2006

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The B and I are taking this opportunity to go see a movie. The 007 remake Casino Royale. The weather is yucky. Don't want to start a project now. Actually, I should just pick one to finish...but maybe later this evening.
All the packages are sorted by destination. The pile to go to J's house tomorrow is bigger than the car. Santa will have to make two trips in the sleigh.

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Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Tonight's the night. First peak at the vendors booths for the quilt show.
I'll go after my doctor's appointment. Camera tucked under my arm. Empty tote bag for shopping. Comfy shoes.
Tickets in my purse. Check and recheck. I think I'm ready.

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Sunday, August 27, 2006

100 and counting

This is my 100th entry. I think I like blogging.

My daughter had a *girlie* day yesterday as she described it. She got her haircut and colored deep auburn. Got her ears repierced - only once in each this time and bought a whole new outfit for the party. She looked so great that no one at the party noticed I got four inches cut off my hair yesterday, too.
We had a great time at the big birthday party last night. Catered by Ninfa's- a local Tex-Mex place. Champagne, wine, cake, fajitas, chips, quacamole, queso, rice, beans.
Major good news/bad news: Hershey's has a dark chocolate kiss with truffle inside. Fortunately, I was seated one person away from the bowl and she being the saner of the two of us realized we were too close to eminent danger and only passed me one.
Grandbaby H attended the party and was a pretty good boy. After he got his dinner, he sat on my lap and talked and smiled and looked around for more than an hour. The only other kid at the party, a 13 year old boy rocked him in his carseat for a long time. Then about when people were finishing up dessert, H started crying. I walked him around. People offered to hold him, but he was having none of that. He wanted to walk around and his mom and I took turns rocking him till he fell asleep crying. So then we were able to enjoy another half hour and exit the party with some decorum. He is a fuss-myself-to-sleep kinda guy. He is trying to learn to suck his thumb but he is still at the holding hands in a fist stage and he's so fat, his arms don't reach his mouth easily. If you help him, he is happy to suck away instead of fuss. I love thumbsucking babies. Hate pacifers.
The gracious hostess for the party brought me a towel for the bed when I was changing his diaper. She got him to talk to her and she petted him and said, "we missed this." I let her talk, I've known her for years and never asked. Seems they wanted kids, but couldn't have them. I said, well, you just have to borrow them and she said friends had been very generous to share their kids with her. She is the honorary aunt to lots of kids. And she kinda bit her lip and left the room. It made me tear up. Makes me tear up now. I know I would be a different person if I had not had my daughter. And I would never trade this stage of my life with grandbabies for anything. The best part so far.
And the really great news - even though I ate and drank with abandon, I lost a pound this morning. The bodyguard gets a raise.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

I'm a weaver today

Today I finished threading the On the Road Again swap. Actually did some weaving on it! Amazing that I can remember how. After the 27 samples are woven, I have to fix one little teensy tiny misthreading - which won't show on the samples at all - but would show in the towels I'll weave afterward. medium_2006-07-15.jpgI am ahead of the curve on this one. The paperwork is due August 1 and the samples have to be cut up and taken to the meeting three weeks later. Plenty of time.... I'm weaving shadow weave and it's supposed to look like tire tracks in the desert. There is an occasional green weft thread and I'll sew a couple of white or light blue seed beads to represent gravel.
B and I went to the movies this afternoon. Pirates of the Carribean II. Great effects. Silly story. Wonderful costuming and detail. The credits go on and on. The digital artists number in the hundreds, I think. They even listed Laborers! That's the notariety I want: to have "laborer" in foot high letters over my name for the ten or so people who sit through the credits because their friends say there is a surprise at the end. But I guess if even your name is on screen, there's some pleasure in it. I mean, consider blogging - your name on the screen for no particular reason.
Watered the lawn this morning and picked one lonely tomato. We'll be having pesto tomorrow, I think. The basil is getting pretty high. Now it looks like rain.
Planning an all art / all day event on Sunday, Sunday, Sunday. J will be coming over and we're hiding upstairs while grandpa babysits.